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Tips For Choosing The Right Dental Clinic For Your Family

Tips For Choosing The Right Dental Clinic For Your Family

Family dental clinics are very convenient for families, as everyone can get the help they need from the same location and professionals. While there are many benefits to family dentistry, you need to determine which dental clinic will be right for your family. To decide this, you will want to consider the needs of your family right now as well as what needs you all may have in the future. A family dental clinic that caters to everyone in your family while offering convenient and professional service will be the ideal option for you and your family. When you are ready to join a family dental clinic, here are some considerations to help you choose.

What To Look For In A Family Dental Clinic

Dental Care For All
If you are interested in family dentistry, ensure that your dental clinic offers dental care for children and teens, adults, and seniors. A dental clinic that offers services for all ages will let your family stay with the same dentist as everyone ages, which is highly convenient for every family member.

The dental clinic that you choose should work well with your schedule. Since many children are in school during the weekdays and many parents work into the evenings, it is typically most convenient to go to a dental clinic that is open on the weekends and late on weekdays. This way, you can visit the dentist without the need to book time off. This is beneficial for everyone, but especially for people with dental conditions who need to visit the dentist more often than the regularly recommended bi-annual cleanings and check-ups.

Great Staff
Before you commit to any dental clinic, you want to ensure that you enjoy working with their staff. You may be able to schedule a visit so that you can chat with the staff, or you can discuss your dental needs with the staff while looking over the new client forms. 

Offered Services
Your dental clinic should offer all of the dental services you and your family require. Outside of regular dental exams and teeth cleanings, check to see if a dental clinic offers services such as cosmetic dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, Invisalign®, and sedation dentistry. Dental clinics that offer a wide variety of services will be able to cater to the needs of anyone in your family and you will be able to get any and all dental services done at one location.

Emergency Dentistry
This is an incredibly important service for dental clinics to offer. If anyone in your family sustains an injury to the mouth, you need to be able to receive emergency dental services right away. While it’s possible to go to another clinic for emergency services, it’s ideal to be able to go to your own family dental clinic, as they will have all information for you and your family on file and can begin treatment faster than if you were to go to another clinic. To learn what constitutes a dental emergency, read How To Handle A Dental Emergency.


Join Our Family Dental Clinic At Marlborough Dental Centre

If you’re looking for a Calgary family dental clinic with fantastic staff, a variety of dental services, and dental options for all ages, visit Marlborough Dental Centre. Our friendly staff are always ready to welcome new clients. At Marlborough Dental Centre, our Calgary dental clinic offers state-of-the-art facilities and treatments to address any dental needs your family may have. To schedule a meeting or to become a new client, call Marlborough Dental Centre at 1-403-248-2066 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: When is Marlborough Dental Centre open?
A: Our dental clinic hours are:

Monday:           9am - 9pm
Tuesday:          9am - 9pm
Wednesday:     9am - 9pm
Thursday:         9am - 9pm
Friday:              9am - 9pm
Saturday:         9am - 5pm
Sunday:           10am - 3pm
Check out the Marlborough Dental Centre location, hours, and walk-in information here.

Q: What can I expect from my first dental appointment at Marlborough Dental Centre?
A: During your first and subsequent visits to our Calgary dental clinic, we promise to provide a comfortable, friendly, and professional environment for all your dental treatments. The two main services you can expect on your first visit to our family dentist are a dental checkup and a dental cleaning. We may also take x-rays of your teeth and jaw to examine and have on file.

Q: Does Marlborough Dental Centre offer direct billing?
A: To help streamline and simplify your dental insurance, Marlborough Dental Centre offers direct billing. Click here to learn more about direct billing and dental insurance plans.

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