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Custom Sport and Night Guards

Custom Sport and Night Guards

Dental Guards are necessary to protect your teeth from damage.

Whether it's a night guard to protect your teeth from clenching and grinding while you sleep, or a sports guard to protect your teeth from damage while playing contact sports, our dentists will customize a dental guard to fit perfectly in your mouth, providing optimal protection and comfort. 

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Night Guards

Also known as a dental guard, night guards are plastic molds that fit over some, or all of your teeth. Custom made from impressions of your own teeth, night guards are comfortable and work to protect your teeth while you sleep.

What are Night Guards Used For?

Night guards are used as a preventive measure for teeth grinding, or Bruxism, which over time can cause premature breakdown of the teeth and tooth loss. Teeth grinding is also known to cause, or contribute to, facial pain, headaches, TMD/TMJ and a number of other dental issues.

What are the other benefits of Night Guards?

In addition to preventing teeth grinding, night guards help stop damage to other dental work you may have undergone, such as veneers, crowns and dental bridges. Night guards protect tooth enamel, reduce the risk of chipped and broken teeth, and ultimately give you a better, more restful night’s sleep.


Sports Mouth Guard

A sports guard is considered an important piece of equipment in any sport. Custom made to protect your teeth while playing hands-on, competitive sports, a custom sports guard is a must for anyone who regularly plays contact sports.

Can I use a sports mouth guard if I have braces?

Yes. At Marlborough Dental, we will take a custom mold of your mouth that accommodates your braces, Invisalign, or any other dental appliance you might have. Having braces or Invisalign, is actually more of a reason to wear a sports guard - not only do you want to protect your teeth, but you want to protect your braces as well.

Can’t I purchase a sports mouth guard at a store?

While there are a few mouth guard options that you can buy in store or online, these one size fits all mouth guards do not provide optimal protection. Because they aren’t custom made to fit your mouth, these guards can be uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and offer less than ideal protection. This can lead to broken teeth and costly and unnecessary emergency dental procedures.


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