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Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene: Maintain A Healthy Smile For Life

Proper dental hygiene is the one of easiest, most effective things you can do to keep your teeth and gums in great shape.

At Marlborough Dental Centre, we belive that good dental hygiene is a classic case of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure. Keeping your teeth and gums clean helps you avoid tooth decay and gum disease down the road.

Dr. Popp and our team of Calgary dentists provide professional dental cleaning and dental exams in our clinic and we’ll show you how to practice great dental hygiene at home.

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Professional Dental Cleanings

Our team of experienced and gentle dental hygienists will carefully clean your teeth and gums to remove any plaque or tartar buildup. During the process, we can use an intraoral camera, a pen-sized device that lets us see inside your mouth. Once your dental cleaning is complete, we’ll review any issues we may have spotted and provide a quick refresher on how to clean your teeth well. We will also recommend teeth whitening if your smile isn't as white as you would like. 


Top Tips For Practicing Good Oral Hygiene at Home

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss your teeth every day
  • Avoid sugary foods and soda
  • Eat a diet rich in vegetables and non-acidic fruits
  • Monitor your mouth and teeth for signs of infection or decay, such as bad breath and bleeding gums
  • Schedule regular oral exams and dental cleanings with your dentist

Our NE Calgary Dentists Help You Maintain Healthy and White Teeth  

Proper dental hygiene is extremely important for the long-term health of your teeth and gums. The effects of proper oral hygiene are cumulative: when you and your family start good dental hygiene practices early in life, you can lower your risk of developing serious dental problems in the future.

Dr. Popp and our Calgary dental team make your oral hygiene a priority. To find out more, contact one of our NE Calgary dentists today at 403-248-2066 or fill out the form below.

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