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Family Dentistry: Is Tooth Decay Hereditary?

Family Dentistry: Is Tooth Decay Hereditary?

Proper brushing and flossing are imperative parts of oral care that can save you from developing tooth decay. But oral hygiene habits are not the only determining factors of a healthy mouth, free of tooth decay. Your genetics also influence your mouth health and your predisposition to healthy teeth. Through family dentistry, your dentist will have your family oral history on file. This can help your family dentist determine what oral issues you may be at risk for due to genetics. Using your family dentistry history, your dentist can help you take preventative measures to keep your mouth safe from inherited issues.

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The Role Of Family Dentistry In Healthy Teeth For Everyone

Tooth Composition
Some people have naturally softer tooth enamel, which is the outer covering of the tooth that protects the tooth from bacteria. Although tooth enamel is strong (the strongest part of the human body, in fact), different people can have different enamel strengths. Softer enamel is more prone to damage such as chips and cracks while being more susceptible to cavities and wear. Your tooth enamel strength is a hereditary trait that your family dentistry clinic may want to consider.

Your saliva composition can be affected by external factors such as the food you consume or any health issues. But your saliva also has a genetically determined chemical composition. Although you may not think of the importance of saliva often, it is a crucial part of oral health. Your saliva washes away food particles in your mouth to prevent bacteria build-up. Saliva also helps to metabolize elements such as calcium and potassium so that the body can properly use these elements. The composition of your saliva, including how well it can help metabolize nutrients, is genetically determined.

Tooth And Jaw Shape
Your jaw shape is an inherited trait, as is the development of your teeth, including their position, size, and shape. While there can be other factors that change this (for example, prolonged thumb-sucking), genetics are the basis for the shape and position of your teeth and jaw. An issue with the tooth or jaw position can create an uneven bite that leads to tooth wear, jaw pain, neuromuscular problems, and even increased cavities. Overcrowded teeth have more areas where they overlap and these areas tend to collect bacteria, which causes decay. To learn more, read More Than Good Looks, Straightening Your Teeth Is Good For Your Dental And Overall Health. If your parents or older siblings have needed braces or Invisalign® in the past, your family dental clinic may also recommend these orthodontic solutions for you.

Food Preferences
Our personal tastes are often genetic. We are all predisposed to liking certain flavours more than others, which is why some people tend to prefer sweets while others prefer salty snacks. If you come from a family who loves sugar, you are more likely to enjoy it. There are also environmental factors to this as well, as someone who is raised in a home where sweet snacks are often available will develop more of a taste for them. People who eat sugar, especially those who casually snack on sugary foods between or after meals, are likely to have high levels of bacteria in their mouth and be more prone to cavities. A family dentistry clinic can speak to all members of the family to discuss sugar consumption in the home and how this affects oral health.


Family Dentistry In Calgary

If your family wants a dentist who can address every family member’s dental needs and who is also familiar with your family's dental history, schedule an appointment with Marlborough Dental Centre. Our family dentistry clinic can perform comprehensive dental exams for all members of your family, including x-rays and cleanings. Our family dentistry clinic also offers a variety of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, Invisalign®, and more so that we can serve you and your family for all of your dental needs. To schedule an appointment at Marlborough Dental Centre, contact 1-403-248-2066 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: How long does a dental cleaning and exam take?
A: Typically, a dental exam and cleaning will take one hour.

Q: When is Marlborough Dental Centre open?
A: Our dental clinic hours are:

Monday:          9am - 9pm
Tuesday:          9am - 9pm
Wednesday:   9am - 9pm
Thursday:        9am - 9pm
Friday:              9am - 9pm
Saturday:        9am - 5pm
Sunday:           10am - 3pm

Check out the Marlborough Dental Centre location, hours, and walk-in information here.

Q: What can I expect from my first dental appointment at Marlborough Dental Centre?
A: During your first and subsequent visits to our Calgary dental clinic, we promise to provide a comfortable, friendly, and professional environment for all your dental treatments. The two main services you can expect on your first visit to our family dentist are a dental checkup and a dental cleaning. We may also take x-rays of your teeth and jaw to examine and keep on file.

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