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More Than Good Looks, Straightening Your Teeth Is Good For Your Dental And Overall Health

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More Than Good Looks, Straightening Your Teeth Is Good For Your Dental And Overall Health

Straight teeth can make a world of difference to a person’s appearance, but that’s not the only reason to have your teeth straightened. Sure, we would all like a nice even smile so that we could look our best in every photo, but teeth perform many other vital functions in our everyday life. Everyone uses their teeth to speak and eat every day, and these tasks can be impacted when the teeth aren’t straight. Properly aligned teeth will let us eat food without causing jaw pain. And, while teeth aren’t self-cleaning, a set of aligned teeth makes cleaning simple so that we can get into all the nooks and crannies. If you or your child are considering cosmetic dentistry to straighten your teeth, you should know that it’s not just about the looks.

The Health Benefits Of Straight Teeth

Reduced Tooth Decay
When the teeth are overcrowded, the area where one tooth overlaps onto another is higher. This makes it difficult to clean in between the teeth, leading to plaque buildup. Since plaque is essentially a buildup of sticky bacteria, when it collects between the teeth the bacteria eat away at the enamel and cause cavities. When teeth are straight, it is easier for people to clean their teeth at home and reduce the amount of bacteria hiding in the mouth.

Lowered Risk Of Developing TMJ Pain
The temporomandibular joint is the small joint that connects the jaw to the skull. This joint is what allows the jaw to move. When this joint becomes inflamed, it can be very difficult and painful to open the mouth for eating, speaking, or oral care. One cause of TMJ pain is malocclusion, more commonly referred to as an uneven bite. If your teeth are uneven, you are at higher risk for malocclusion and subsequently, TMJ pain.

Clear Speech
The placement of your teeth can actually affect your speech. Your teeth help form words by controlling the airflow out of the mouth. Some words also use the teeth in the formation of a sound, such as “f,” “th,” and “v”, among others. When the teeth are not aligned, for example if a person has a large gap between them, it can change the airflow and alter the sounds. If a person is missing their front teeth, they may struggle to pronounce sounds that rely on the presence of teeth.

Higher Self Esteem
When a person feels self-conscious about their teeth, it can be very difficult for their self-perception and confidence. This is especially true of children and teenagers who are most likely to face taunts or bullying over aesthetics. Many children who are self-conscious about their misaligned teeth tend to hide their smile and some try to avoid being social. When a person has their teeth straightened, they are more likely to smile and feel happy and confident in their appearance.

Let Marlborough Dental Straighten Your Teeth

If you or your child have misaligned teeth, straightening them will not only look great but will also offer health benefits. One simple and effective way of straightening teeth is through the use of Invisalign®. These are a series of retainers customized to the teeth of the wearer that gradually shift the teeth. Invisalign® is subtle and simple to use. Another option for straight teeth is cosmetic dentistry. This approach is sometimes used if the teeth are too overcrowded and an extraction is required. This type of cosmetic dentistry is a simple procedure, although the other teeth may need Invisalign® after the tooth is extracted so they can move into the right spots. If you’re ready for a straighter smile and the health benefits that accompany it, call the Calgary dentists at Marlborough Dental Centre at 1-403-248-2066 or fill out the contact form.


Q: Does Invisalign® hurt?
A: Invisalign® treatments do not cause pain. However, like any orthodontic treatment, you may feel slight discomfort when you first start using the aligners as your teeth get used to the pressure and tightness.

Q: When should I opt for traditional braces over Invisalign®?
A: Invisalign® is great for straightening teeth, but braces are recommended for fixing a person's bite, especially if that involves moving the jaw forward or backward. If you don't know which option is ideal for you or your child, speak with a Calgary dentist at Marlborough Dental Centre.

Q: Can I drink with my aligners in? 
A: It is recommended to only drink cool water while wearing your aligners. All other drinks contain ingredients that will lead to bacteria build, distortion, and stains.

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