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Veneers vs Invisalign®: Which Is Right For Me?

Veneers vs Invisalign®: Which Is Right For Me?

Many people love to smile but some feel self-conscious about this simple action. If your teeth have gaps, if you don’t like the shape of your teeth, or if your teeth aren’t aligned, you may want to change your smile. While certain gaps and other teeth misalignments aren’t necessarily bad for your oral health, they can become a source of insecurity. If you want to change the appearance of your teeth you can use veneers or Invisalign® depending on the results you want. Both of these options can help to alter the appearance of your teeth and close tooth gaps, but they also serve other functions. 

The Difference Between Veneers And Invisalign®

Veneers are wafer-thin but incredibly strong porcelain or composite resin shells. These shells are permanently placed over and bonded to the teeth. Veneers are often used as a form of cosmetic dentistry to help cover up any gaps caused by tooth placement or size or to cover tooth staining. Veneers are designed to look like your natural teeth, however, you can choose to get them in a different colour if you want to brighten your smile. Veneers can be used to address aesthetics, but they cannot correct dental issues or alignment. 

Unlike veneers, Invisalign® is designed to actually realign the teeth. Invisalign® works similarly to braces as it gradually moves the teeth into the correct position. Unlike braces, however, Invisalign® is adjusted by using different modifications of Invisalign® trays as the teeth move. Invisalign® are like retainers, in that they are trays made of a clear, medical-grade thermoplastic that is designed to fit over the teeth. The Invisalign® trays should stay on the teeth without assistance and they should gradually adjust the teeth so they are in the correct position. Unlike veneers, Invisalign® can be used to turn teeth, move them into place, and address issues such as overcrowding or gaps. This orthodontic product can be used to change the functional shape of the mouth and teeth.

How Do I Know If I Should Get Invisalign® Or Veneers?
To know which is right for you, consider your desired outcomes. Veneers can change the appearance of the size of your teeth, whereas Invisalign® will move your teeth. While both of these forms of dentistry can be considered cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign® serves both an aesthetic and a practical function as straightening teeth benefits dental and overall health while also creating an even smile.

If you only want to address the aesthetics of your smile and to change the size of your teeth, veneers may be the option for you. If you are looking to move your teeth for either aesthetic or practical reasons, Invisalign® may be the solution for you. If you're not sure which of these dental treatments is superior, speak with your dentist to help you decide what is ideal for you and your smile.

Veneers And Invisalign® In Calgary

If you want to improve your smile with veneers or with Invisalign®, Marlborough Dental Centre can help. Our family dentistry clinic offers cosmetic dentistry services including porcelain veneers and Invisalign®. Our knowledgeable staff can discuss with you which one of these options will address your concern. With the help of our staff, you can discover all of the benefits veneers and Invisalign® have to offer and together we can create an even, beautiful smile that you’re proud of. To schedule an appointment, contact Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary at 1-403-248-2066 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: How long will I have to use Invisalign® to straighten my teeth?
A: On average, Invisalign® treatment time is between 12-18 months.

Q: How long does it take to apply veneers?
A: Typically, it will take two appointments: one to take the impression and one to apply the veneers. Each appointment will last no longer than an hour or two.

Q: How long do veneers last versus Invisalign®?
A: While veneers can eventually chip or break, if properly cared for veneers can last up to 20 years. Learn more about veneers by reading The Facts About Veneers. The results of Invisalign® are typically permanent throughout a person’s life, although a nighttime retainer may need to be worn.

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