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Make Flossing More Fun For Your Child With These 4 Tips

Flossing is a very important part of dental health. Here are some simple and easy tips from our Calgary family dentist on how to teach your child to floss, struggle-free. 

Teaching your children to look after their teeth is very important, although it can be very challenging, especially when they’re very young! However, it’s absolutely essential that you instill good oral habits in your young one early on, because doing so will:

  • Lower their risk of developing cavities and tooth decay
  • Reduce your child’s chances of developing gum disease and inflammation
  • Eliminate dental problems such as tooth pain and difficulty chewing/eating
  • Lower your long-term dental costs

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Four Ways to Encourage Your Child to Floss

While scheduling regular visits to your family dentist or dental hygienist is very important for your child’s dental health, you may be surprised to learn that your little one should also be flossing as early as the age of two!

However, we understand that it may be a struggle for you to get your child to regularly floss, and this may turn into daily battles. But don’t worry! There are many fun and easy ways to encourage your child to take care of their dental health.

Here are some tips and tricks for convincing your child to floss regularly:

1. Make a Flossing Chart

One of the most innovative and fun ways to get your child to floss every day is to create an interactive flossing chart and keep it by the bathroom sink. This will make flossing fun because you will be able to:

  • Track their progress using fun stickers or brightly colored markers
  • Offer non-monetary rewards when a certain goal is reached
  • Create a fun family tradition that your kids will remember for many years

How to do this: Find printable charts online, or ask your children’s dentist/dental hygienist if they have a premade chart, or simply draw one yourself!


2. Explain Why Flossing is Important

One of the best ways to motivate your child to floss regularly is by explaining why it’s so important. Try to make them understand how flossing:

  • Keeps their teeth bright and healthy
  • Prevents cavities
  • Lowers their risk of gum disease
  • Prevents more extensive dental work

Try to show your child kid-friendly videos or images of periodontal disease to demonstrate to them what will happen if they don’t regularly floss. Alternatively, talk to your family dentist or dental hygienist about explaining this to your child at the next check up.


3. Allow Your Child to Pick Out Their Dental Supplies

Another great motivator is to allow your child to pick out their own floss, toothpaste, or toothbrush. By allowing them to select the fun, colorful toothpaste, the crazy-flavored floss, or the toothbrush with their favorite superhero on it, you’ll get them excited about their dental routine and it’ll be something they’ll look forward to doing on a daily basis.


4. Make it a Family Affair

Flossing your own teeth while your child also flosses is an easy way to encourage your little one to incorporate this dental habit into their routine and it will allow you to demonstrate the importance of dental hygiene while motivating them to join in.

How to make flossing a family affair

  • Set a consistent time: Building a habit requires consistency, so choose the same time every day to floss. Try to select a time when your family is together and the kids are relaxed and happy - right before TV time can do the trick!

  • Offer your kids an array of floss options: Many places offer dozens of floss options, from thread or tape, to flavored or plain. Let your kids choose the type of floss to help them feel engaged and excited about the activity.

  • Make flossing fun. Taking care of your teeth doesn’t have to be boring! By turning your child’s dental routine into a game, or story-telling activity, you can transform this task into great family time that your child looks forward to every night!


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