Everyone wants a brighter, whiter smile and one of the best ways to achieve that is through teeth whitening - a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that will make you look younger, healthier and more beautiful.

If you are feeling unhappy or self-conscious about your smile, Marlborough Dental Centre offers the latest, most effective in-office teeth whitening procedures in Calgary. This non-invasive dental treatment will return your tooth enamel back to its original, bright white color and completely enhance your smile.

Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedures

Our enamel naturally darkens as we age but poor oral hygiene, cigarette smoking and consumption of coffee, tea, pop and red wine only speeds up the process.

Our professional in-office teeth whitening service is carried out in our dental clinic and is a simple and pain-free way of removing any stains or tooth discoloration.

This safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure provides dramatic and instant results and has many advantages when compared to over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

  • Ease of treatment: One of the most important benefits of having in-office teeth whitening is that you never have to worry about the results or correct application. You can rest assured that our dentists will take care of all of your needs and that the complete administration of the procedure is professionally done.
  • Longer-lasting, quicker results: In-office teeth whitening procedures provide better, longer-lasting and much faster results than any at-home products. Our technologically advanced whitening agent will give you a drastically brighter smile in just one treatment.
  • Safer procedure: Our teeth whitening treatments are done under safe dental conditions and with the knowledge and experience of our Calgary dental team, the procedure is minimally invasive with no harmful side effects.

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening works best for patients who have healthy teeth and gums and no fillings. You may want to consider teeth whitening if you have:

  • Tooth discoloration from many years of smoking
  • Yellow or brown teeth due to age
  • Tooth discoloration from the consumption of liquids such as coffee, pop and red wine.

When considering a candidate for teeth whitening, it is equally important to consider that this cosmetic dentistry procedure is not recommended for patients who have:

  • Extremely damaged or heavily worn teeth
  • Oral cancer or suffer from periodontal disease
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Patients who are under the age of 18 as their enamel tends to be more porous resulting in significant sensitivity.
  • A known allergy to peroxide.

How does Britesmile teeth whitening work?

At our Calgary dental clinic, we use the advanced Britesmile Teeth Whitening System which significantly improves the appearance of dulled teeth in a single office visit.

This gentle, minimally-invasive teeth whitening procedure uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide gel and a specially designed lamp that accelerates the whitening process.

Britesmile Teeth Whitening: Consultation

Before deciding whether Britesmile in-office teeth whitening solution is for you, one of our dentists will conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to ensure that they are healthy. A discussion of your lifestyle and habits will also help determine which teeth whitening solution is right for you.

Britesmile Teeth Whitening: Procedure

Prior to your teeth whitening procedure, your dentist will perform a routine dental cleaning. After this, the appropriate concentration of whitening gel is applied to your teeth.

The Britesmile blue light will then be illuminated over your teeth to activate the gel and accelerate the whitening procedure.

Britesmile Teeth Whitening: Aftercare

T maintain the bright, whitening effect of the Britesmile system, you will be advised to consume in moderation certain foods or beverages including cola, coffee, tea or red wine.

It is advisable to quit smoking as tobacco will stain your teeth even after a teeth whitening procedure. Brushing/flossing daily is important to keep stains from reforming and make sure to schedule regular teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist.

What results can I expect from my teeth whitening procedure?

While stubborn stains from nicotine/tar from cigarettes are harder to treat, superficial stains from certain foods and beverages as well as browning due to age respond very well to the Britesmile Teeth Whitening System and you will notice a drastic difference in a single office visit.

At Marlborough Dental Centre, we understand that a whiter, healthier and brighter smile is key to your confidence and quality of life. To learn more about our affordable and advanced teeth whitening system, call us today at 403-248-2066.

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