Dental Cleaning Cost Calgary
by Dr. Michael Popp on Sep 14, 2016
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Good oral hygiene is important not only for your smile but for your overall health as well: tooth decay and periodontal disease are related to incidences of heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

Regular dental cleanings, therefore, are very important for the following reasons:

  • Can help detect oral cancer
  • Can prevent gum disease and tooth decay
  • Help you maintain good oral health
  • Keep your smile white and healthy

At Marlborough Dental Centre, we are committed to high-quality, low-cost dental cleaning in Calgary and provide you with a team of experienced and affordable dentists.

What is a dental cleaning?

Regular dental cleanings are a necessary part of oral hygiene and involve the removal of plaque to prevent cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

It is a simple and easy process involving four main steps:

  1. Physical Exam

    Prior to any dental cleaning, one of our experienced dental hygienists will conduct a comprehensive physical exam of your entire mouth.

  2. Scaling

    Using a dental scaler, the dental hygienist will manually remove any plaque from your teeth, preventing the development or progression of gum disease.

  3. Polish

    Once all the plaque is removed from your teeth, the dental hygienist will use a high-powered electric toothbrush to remove any residual tartar.

  4. Fluoride Treatment

    The final step in a dental cleaning is the fluoride treatment. This foamy gel acts as a protectant for your teeth and helps fight cavities.

Dental Cleaning Costs: Alberta Dental Prices

Alberta doesn’t have a set guide for dental prices, but our dentists appreciate that the cost of procedures, such as dental cleanings are a concern to many of our Calgary patients. That is why we always strive to provide exceptional value and care at an affordable cost.

The cost of a dental cleanings is based on the amount of time and extent of treatment and will vary from patient to patient.

For an accurate estimate, please contact one of our dentists today.

Dental Cleanings & Insurance

The Alberta Health Care plan provides very few benefits for dental services. To help offset the costs of dental cleanings or other services, you may want to consider a dental insurance plan.

Our administrative team has a lot of experience with dental plan coverages. We are able to work with our patients to help assess the type of dental insurance you need and set up the appropriate process for direct billing, if applicable.

Read more: Optimizing Your Dental Insurance Plan

Want to know more?

To find out more about the dental fees in Alberta or the cost & benefits of our dental cleaning service, contact our NE Calgary dentists today at (403) 248- 2066.


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