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How to Optimize Your Dental Insurance Plan

In our previous article, we explored ways that you can access affordable dental care when you don’t have dental insurance.

However, if you have dental insurance you should not just be aware of how to minimize dental costs but also be aware of how to optimize your dental insurance benefits.

Consider the following strategies to help you make the most of your dental plan.

Understand the basics

Dental insurance terminology can be confusing, so here are some of 5 terms to understand:

  • Annual Maximum: The maximum amount your dental insurance provider will pay for dental services within the benefit period, usually a calendar year.
  • Co-insurance: An insurance plan where you pay a percentage of the cost for a dental service.
  • Co-payment: A fixed amount that you pay for a particular dental service. Your dental insurance provider typically sets the co-payment or copay amount.
  • Deductible: The amount that you must pay for a dental service before your dental insurance plan covers the cost.
  • Direct assignment billing: An arrangement where your dentist bills your insurance provider directly, so you do not have to pay the full cost of your dental service up-front.

Review all of your insurance benefits

Surprisingly, many people are not aware of the full list of covered benefits in their dental insurance plan.

Take the time to review your particular plan carefully, as this can save you from a nasty surprise later on if you mistakenly believe that a particular service is covered when it is not.

Our administrative team is very experienced with dental insurance coverage, so they can help answer questions about whether a particular service is covered under your plan.

Use these benefits as much as possible

Once you’ve confirmed the dental services that are included in your insurance plan, make the most of them!

Most dental plans provide comprehensive coverage for preventative dental care, such as oral exams, x-rays, and dental cleanings, so consider focusing on these particular services. Preventative dental care saves you costs in the long run, helping you avoid dental emergencies and complicated restorative procedures.

Track your benefit usage

Keep careful track of which dental benefits you have used within your plan’s benefit period. Insurance plan coverage can vary widely, so you need to be aware of whether you’re close to reaching your plan’s maximum annual coverage.

If you exceed your annual limit, you’ll need to pay for any additional dental services out of pocket--it’s important to know about this ahead of time and plan accordingly.

With a better understanding of your dental insurance benefits, you’ll be able to plan your dental care to make the most of your insurance coverage and minimize any up-front costs.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you get the most out of your dental plan while limiting your personal expenses.

We’re pleased to offer affordable dental care and flexible billing, including direct billing options with your insurance provider. To find out more about Marlborough Dental Centre and our services for family dentistry, contact us online or by phone at 403.248.2066.

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