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6 Ways to Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time for indulgence and fun, and unfortunately, lots of sugar! From dental cleanings to mindful eating, here are a few simple tips on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy this holiday season. 

When making decisions about your child’s health and well-being, it’s important not to forget about their teeth and gums. Compared to kids with poor oral health, children who have good dental hygiene are likely to maintain a positive self-image and perform better in school.

In addition, teaching your kids the importance of brushing and flossing and taking them for regular check-ups and dental cleanings will:

  • Prevent dental diseases such as decay and infection.
  • Allow them to establish a healthy relationship with their dentist.
  • Ensure their teeth stay healthy and white.
  • Make it likely that they’ll continue practicing good dental hygiene into adulthood
  • Lower your long-term family dental costs

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6 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Kids Teeth Healthy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is rife with sugary treats such as cookies, candy canes, and sweets, and as a parent, you need to be aware of, and limit the risks, that such foods pose to your child’s teeth.

To help you achieve this, here are some simple tips on how to keep your little one’s teeth as healthy, clean, and cavity-free as possible.

  1. Brush Teeth Immediately After Eating Sugary Treats. While it’s encouraged that adults and children alike brush their teeth and gums at least twice a day, it’s important to step up these efforts during the holiday season. Whenever your child eats sugary treats or desserts, make sure they brush their teeth straight afterwards.

  2. Beware of hard candies. The last thing you want to worry about during the holiday is a dental emergency. Biting down on hard candy the wrong way can easily crack your child’s teeth. Encourage your little one to let the candy dissolve in his/her mouth to limit any damage, or consider replacing hard candies with sugar-free gum.

  3. Give some tooth-friendly holiday gifts. There are plenty of tooth-friendly gifts you can give your kid to promote their oral health, such as bright kid-friendly flossers, delicious toothpaste, colourful toothbrushes, or even an electric toothbrush for a teenager.

  4. Drink lots of water. One of the simplest ways to keep your child’s teeth healthy this holiday is by ensuring that they stay well hydrated. Water is your child’s best friend because it will encourage the flow of saliva, neutralizes plaque acids, and washes away bacteria and food debris from the mouth.

  5. Schedule an appointment with your dentist. Your child will likely be out of school for much of the holiday season, so why not make good use of the time by scheduling a dental cleaning and checkup at your local dental office.

  6. Remember that teeth are not tools. While it may be tempting for your child to break open a present or cut a piece of tape with their teeth, you must make sure they don’t do this. You don’t want them chipping or breaking a tooth, so always keep a pair of scissors handy.


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