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4 Simple Tips For Making Oral Care Fun For Your Child

Getting your children to brush and floss their teeth can be a big challenge. To make it easier, here are some fun and creative tips from our Calgary dentist to help parents teach their children the importance of oral health.

Teaching your children how to look after their teeth, and about the importance of oral health can pose quite a challenge, especially when they’re very young. However, it’s very important to instil good dental habits in your children early on because doing so has many benefits, including:

  • Prevention of tooth decay and cavities
  • Lower risk of your child developing gum disease or inflammation
  • More affordable future dental costs
  • Elimination of oral problems such as tooth pain

Remember: It’s very important to start oral care at an early age. Learning good dental hygiene habits when children are young sets the stage for excellent long-term oral health.


Our Family Dentists Can Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy and Strong

At Marlborough Dental Centre, we understand just how important dental hygiene is for your child’s oral health and overall well-being. We offer a wide range of children’s dentistry services, from dental checkups to cleanings and orthodontics, and our caring team of dental professionals can help you and your child get on the path to a healthy and beautiful smile.

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4 Tips From our Calgary Dentist on How to Make Oral Hygiene Fun For Children

One of the most important jobs of any parent is to make dental hygiene and oral healthcare as fun and approachable as possible for your child.

While it’s important to continually have conversations with your little one about oral health and its importance, it’s also key to make the process fun. Here are 4 simple tips on how to make dental hygiene more enjoyable for your child:

1. Make Buying Toothpaste and Toothbrush an Event

The first step to making oral hygiene fun for your child is by building up the excitement when going to pick out toothpaste and a toothbrush. When it comes to toothbrushes, there are quite a variety of brands, characters, and colours for your little one to choose from, and many flavors of toothpaste.

Allow your child to pick out the products that they love and this makes it more likely that they’ll feel motivated and excited to brush their teeth when you get home.

2. Make it Part of Family Time

Brushing is a cornerstone of any good oral hygiene routine, but it’s not easy for young children to do it properly. One of the best ways to help your child brush their teeth properly, while making it a fun event, is by doing it with them.

This will allow you to:

  • Give your child specific brushing tips
  • Keep an eye on how they’re using the toothbrush
  • Make it a fun event
  • Spend quality time with your little one

Is not all about brushing! It’s important that your child also understands the importance of flossing at least once a day. (How to Make Flossing More Fun For Your Child >)

3. Create a Brushing Chart

A fun and creative way to get your child excited about brushing their teeth is to create an interactive brushing chart and keep it over the bathroom sink. This will make brushing a more fun event and will also allow you to:

  • Track your child’s progress using stickers
  • Offer non-monetary rewards when a certain goal is reached
  • Create a family tradition that your child(ren) will remember for many years

A chart with fun stickers that shows your child their progress every day can be very beneficial. They will be able to share this with their siblings, aunts/uncles, and grandparents and will feel more motivated to brush every day.

4. Make Trips to The Dentist Fun

Going to the dentist can be a very intimidating experience for young children. Prior to the visit, make sure you explain to your child what will happen during the appointment. Try to hype up the visit so that your child gets excited too.

After the visit: You may want to take your kids to the park, the zoo, or reward them with anything else they might enjoy. By associating the dental visit with a fun activity, you’ll set up a positive correlation that will last for a lifetime.


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