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4 Fun Activities to Help You Teach Your Child About Dental Hygiene

In honour of National Children’s Dental Health Month, our Calgary family dentist has listed some fun and creative ways that parents can teach their children about the importance of oral health. 

Teaching your children how to take proper care of their teeth and the importance of oral health can be extremely challenging, especially when they’re very young! However, it’s crucial that you instil good dental habits in your young one early on because doing so will:

  • prevent cavities and tooth decay,
  • lower your child’s risk of developing gum diseases and inflammation,
  • eliminate oral problems such as tooth pain and difficulty chewing/eating
  • save you time and money on extensive dental procedures in the future.
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4 Creative Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Oral Health

As a parent, one of your most important jobs is to make oral health care as fun and approachable as possible by mitigating any fear or anxiety your child might have about visiting your family dentist.

Replace any negative feelings with optimism and instruction using these fun and informative oral health care tips.

1. Brush Your Teeth Together

Brushing is a cornerstone of any good dental hygiene routine but it’s not always easy to get young children to do it right. One of the best ways to help first-time brushers is by brushing your teeth with them. 

This will allow you to:

  • keep an eye on how they’re using the toothbrush,
  • given them specific brushing tips,
  • turn brushing into a fun routine,
  • spend more quality time with your child.

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2. Create A Rewards System

Protecting your child’s teeth from decay is very important, but it can often be a struggle to get your little one to clean his/her teeth every day! A reward system is an innovative and easy way to get the job done without any tears or tantrums.

Delayed Rewards

Give your child a gold star or sticker every time he/she cleans their teeth properly. When they reach a certain number of stickers, make sure to give them a reward such as a new toy, book, or trip to their favourite restaurant!

Instant Rewards

If your child needs instant rewards, try linking each brushing session to a prize such as extra TV time or their favourite story at bedtime.


3. Plan A Surprise After A Trip To The Family Dentist

Scheduling regular dental checkups with your family dentist is a crucial part of good oral hygiene for children. It is recommended that you should visit the dentist every 6 months to:

  • keep your child’s smile white and sparkly,
  • check for any tooth decay or cavities,
  • lower their risk of gum disease or inflammation,
  • promote stronger healthier tooth enamel.

However, a trip to the family dentist is not always easy for little ones. Make sure to reward your child after each appointment with some fun family time such as going to the park, buying them a new toy, or planning a picnic.


4. Read Tooth-Friendly Books

By reading books with your child, you can help them form positive associations with health care and get them excited about looking after their teeth! Try adding fun children’s books to your home, as well as other dental games and materials to teach your kids about dental health care.

Our Calgary family dentists' favourite books to boost kids' enthusiasm for good dental hygiene include:


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