Dental bridges consist of artificial replacement teeth that we install to fill gaps from missing teeth. This permanent dental solution can help you restore a normal bite when you have multiple teeth missing.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

One of our experienced Calgary dentists will begin by giving you a local anesthetic to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

If the surrounding teeth near the gap are healthy, we’ll carefully shape these teeth and take impressions for custom-made crowns that will anchor your dental bridge. If many teeth are missing or unhealthy, we may install dental implants instead to securely anchor your bridge.

Once the proper anchor is in place, we’ll install a temporary bridge. We’ll complete the design for your custom bridge, and then have you come back to replace your temporary bridge with the permanent one.

Installing your dental bridge is a simple procedure that requires minimal downtime and usually takes just 2 appointments.

Dental Bridge Benefits

  • Replaces multiple missing or severely decayed teeth
  • Permanent, durable design
  • Custom-built to look natural and realistic
  • Fully functional so you can use your bridge teeth effortlessly

Outcome of Dental Bridges

Your final bridge will be a natural-looking, custom-designed replacement set of teeth, restoring your bite and your confidence.

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