What exactly is a "Family Dentist"?

A general family dentist is licensed to provide a wide range of dental treatments for all ages, including children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Family dentists not only have the training required for comprehensive dental care, they also have the experience necessary for working with different family members.

A good family dentist like Dr. Popp knows how to build a positive rapport with everyone from kids to elders. He’ll ensure that each family member feels safe, comfortable, and respected during every dental treatment.

We recommend that you come in to see us for dental exams and cleanings at least twice a year. This timing for regular dental visits helps ensure that we can detect, prevent, and treat any dental concerns for you before the problem becomes serious.

Great dental health is hard to miss.

When you practice good oral hygiene, you have:

  • Clean teeth with no excess plaque
  • Pink, even, healthy-looking gums
  • Minimal tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Long-lasting fresh breath

Good dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups are the best way to prevent tooth cavities.

A tooth cavity forms when the bacteria in your mouth feed on sugary foods and produce acid. This acid causes a small hole or cavity to form on your teeth. Left untreated, the cavity will lead to an infection with pain, sensitivity, and swelling around the area.

Often, the initial stages of a cavity are painless, so it’s important to see your dentist regularly to detect and treat any cavities before they get worse.

Most at-home or DIY tooth whitening kits deal with mild surface stains on your teeth. These treatments involve a standard bleaching tray that you wear for short periods of time. Since DIY tooth whitening kits come ready-made, they are not customized to fit your teeth well or produce significant changes in the colour of your teeth.

At Marlborough Dental Centre, we offer the BriteSmile® system for professional tooth whitening. This treatment lets us customize the intensity and application of the brightening agent just for you. BriteSmile® is extremely effective, whitening your teeth by up to 9 shades.

A knocked out or dislodged tooth is a dental emergency. Call us as soon as possible to book an appointment for treatment. We’ll examine the area and determine the best surgical procedure to either reinstall your original tooth or insert an artificial dental implant.

Still have the dislodged tooth? Learn more how to save the tooth >

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