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Wisdom for Removing Wisdom Teeth: Tips for Post-Extraction Care


The real estate in the human mouth is extremely valuable and crowded, especially if you have wisdom teeth. The mouth only has room for 28 teeth and the majority of us have 32, the four extra teeth are the four third molars, known as wisdom teeth. Having wisdom teeth removed has vastly changed over the years and although the oral surgery can be invasive, it has become less painful and people recover faster. It’s important for patients to take care of their mouths post surgery.  Read the blog below to find out the level of care required once wisdom teeth are extracted.


Break Out The Ice Pack

Having one or all of your wisdom teeth removed will lead to swelling at the extraction site. A swollen mouth can be painful and or cause discomfort however; the swelling subsides over the next few days. To alleviate the pain and discomfort you can hold an ice pack against the swelling. If you’re out of ice packs you can use any frozen goods out of your freezer like a bag of frozen peas, all will help bring the swelling down.



Dentists will prescribe you with an antibiotic to prevent any bacterial infections at the wound site. The mouth is vulnerable to infections after procedures like wisdom teeth extraction and it’s important that you take the full course of antibiotics prescribed. When it comes to painkillers, a dentist will take your medical history into account and evaluate the levels of pain before prescribing any painkillers.


Get the Gauze!

Immediately following having your wisdom teeth removed, the extraction site will bleed and it’s important for the bleeding to clot so the gums can begin to heal. Your dentist will give you cotton gauze to place into the empty sockets of where the teeth were extracted. You then have to routinely change the gauze and check to make sure the bleeding has stopped.


A Ride Home

If you prefer general anesthesia and are completely unconscious for the procedure, you will have to have a family member or friend to come pick you up from the dentist office. Before heading home, it’s a good idea to grab those antibiotics! If you’re awake during the procedure, it’s still recommended having made arrangements for a ride home.


No Straws

If you love quenching your thirst with a straw, you’re going to have to live without it. Its not recommended drinking or eating anything that requires you to suck. You will have to skip the extra thick milk shakes and take this as an opportunity to eat some soft comfort foods:



Mashed Potatoes

You just had your wisdom teeth removed so feel free to indulge in guilt free carbohydrates! Just like mom made!


Tapioca! Banana! Rice! Whatever your heart desires!

Tomato Soup

Soup is good food. And soup happens to be great after you’ve gotten your wisdom teeth removed! Just don’t drink it with a straw.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Helps when you have a cold, helps when you’ve got wisdom teeth surgery!

Scrambled Eggs

Great source of protein and just soft enough for your mouth!


Choose your flavor and go for it! Its cool texture will be easy on your swollen mouth.

Ice Cream

The champion of all comfort food and perfect for recovering from wisdom teeth removal.


Bottom Line:
Having your wisdom teeth removed is a right of passage and you should wear that badge of honor with pride! The space in your mouth is valuable and the wisdom teeth not only overcrowd the area, they can cause oral complications. Visit Dr. Popp at the Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary to find out if you need to get your wisdom teeth extracted. Dr. Popp and his staff will conduct a full examination and if you need to explore sedation dentistry or have any other concerns of getting your wisdom teeth extracted, Marlborough Dental will come up with a safe course of action.


Are you looking at getting your wisdom teeth removed? Contact Dr. Michael Popp at the Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary today on (403) 248-2066.

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