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Why You Should Get An Electric Toothbrush Today!

Overview: Why kind of toothbrush do you have? A soft bristles? Hard bristles? The right answer is electric! The amazing benefits of using an electric toothbrush have really come to light over the past couple of years and if you're not using one, then you're missing out! To find out why, check out the blog below.



lf you're still using a regular toothbrush then it's finally time to catch up and go electric! You may think they're just reserved for lazy or even perhaps even gullible people, but they're not! An overwhelming number of dental and oral hygiene professionals highly recommend using an electric toothbrush, so let's find out why.


They Do All The Brushing For You

With electric toothbrushes all you have to do is to glide the brush around the areas that need to be cleaned. It's no longer up to you to put the effort into the brushing, you just have to choose which teeth are brushed. This may seem inconsequential, but once you try an electric toothbrush you'll understand how great this is. It's also worth taking into account that many cases of bad oral hygiene are causing by insufficient brushing, something which is taken care of with electric toothbrushes.


They Time Your Brushing

Another common cause of bad oral hygiene is insufficient brushing time. When brushing your teeth becomes a chore, it can be tempting to continually shorten the time spent doing so. Some people may even just brush for a matter of seconds and tell themselves that it's okay. Many electric toothbrushes have a neat way of getting around this by having built in timers. If you have to wait for the buzzer there's a lot less chance you'll be able to convince yourself that stopping early is acceptable. It'll also help you get into a routine, and soon you won't be able to stop brushing without a buzzer!


They Protect Your Gums

Because electric toothbrushes do the brushing for you, there's less chance of incurring gum problems caused by over brushing. Many people with bad brushing techniques don't even realize they are doing anything wrong, and getting an electric toothbrush can be a great way to take the possibly of over brushing out of the equation.


They Create Less Waste

The argument that electric toothbrushes are more environmentally friendly may seem counter intuitive seeing as electric toothbrushes using energy to function, but by it's a belief that many hold. With a regular toothbrush you throw away an entire brush when you need a replacement, but with an electric toothbrush you only have to replace the brushing head. You may eventually have to replace your entire toothbrush if it becomes faulty, but by the time this happens you will have saved a serious amount of plastic. Experts estimate that between 14 and 42 electric toothbrush heads equates to the same amount of plastic as one manual toothbrush, so if stopping waste is something you're interested in then electric toothbrushes are the way to go.


Bottom Line: If you're not sure whether to get an electric toothbrush or not, then we've covered some great reasons why you should. One the greatest benefits that electric toothbrushes have is that they make it harder to have bad oral hygiene habits, such as over brushing, insufficient brushing, and not brushing long enough. While an electric toothbrush won't magically give you perfect teeth, it will help you maintain good oral hygiene habits and you might even be helping the environment out while you're at it!


To find out more about why electric toothbrushes are a great idea, contact the Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary today on (403) 248-2066.


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