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Which Type of Dental Filling is Right For You?

If you're suffering from a chipped tooth or a dental cavity, the team of dental hygienists and dentists at our Calgary dental office have a wide variety of options for you.

Tooth fractures and decay expose the interior of your tooth to bacteria, which will dissolve healthy tooth structure and cause an infection of the tissues within the teeth. Restoring this damage with dental fillings can have many benefits. This:

  • protects the remaining tooth structure from further damage.
  • reestablishes adequate tooth function.
  • prevents damage to the nerve of the tooth.
  • prevents tooth loss.
  • makes it easier for you to clean your teeth.
  • lowers the bacterial count in your mouth.

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Amalgam vs Composite Dental Fillings - Which is Right For You?

A dental filling is a restorative dental treatment. Fillings are used to repair a variety of types of tooth damage, including minimal to moderate tooth fractures, and tooth decay. There are many different types of materials that dentists/dental hygienists will recommend to restore your damaged tooth. If you are not certain which type is the optimal, simply schedule a visit to your Calgary dental office to discuss your options. 

1. Amalgam Fillings

These fillings are an amalgamation of various metals including mercury, silver, tin, and copper and have been one of the most popular dental fillings since the nineteenth century.

However, because there is a general concern today about the degree of mercury that is absorbed by the body with these fillings, there are many dental offices which are amalgam-free.

  • Very durable and can withstand tough chewing.
  • Can be placed in areas where it’s difficult to keep the tooth dry.
  • Less costly than composite resin fillings.
  • They are more effective at spanning larger spaces between teeth.
  • The colour of an amalgam filling is silver and won’t match your surrounding teeth.
  • There is some controversy about the mercury that these fillings contain.
  • Cracks or leakages can form in the filling as the material ages.
  • It can impart a grey colour if your tooth is thin enough to let it show through.


2. Composite Resin Filling

A composite resin filling is a plastic and glass mixture that mimics the natural appearance of the tooth. They are used to make cosmetic improvements to your teeth such as changing the colour, restoring decayed teeth, repairing chipped teeth, closing gaps between the teeth, and making the teeth look straighter.

  • They look more aesthetically pleasing since they match the rest of your smile in terms of colour.
  • They require less drilling. Less of the tooth structure needs to be removed, and this also means that the treatment is less disruptive.
  • They bond to the tooth. This makes it stronger and helps prevent breaks.
  • They harden in seconds rather than days like other materials.
  • You may experience some brief tooth sensitivity after your procedure.
  • They’re more expensive than amalgam fillings.
  • They may stain from frequent and/or prolonged exposure to coffee, tea, red wine and other foods with staining properties.
  • They tend to wear out sooner than metal fillings, especially if you have heavy wear from grinding and chewing.


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To find out more about our dental fillings, our team of professional dentists and dental hygienists can advise you on which option is optimal suited for your lifestyle and needs.

For more information or to book a consultation, call our Calgary dental office at 403-248-2066 or fill in our online contact form.

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