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What is the Dental Fee Guide?

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is a suggested fee guide for dentists in Alberta and is designed to regulate the cost of dentistry in the province to ensure more affordable, quality oral care for all Albertans. 

Most provincial health insurance plans in Canada don’t provide coverage for routine check-ups and oral treatments, leading to high dentistry costs. As a result, many people avoid the dentist which can lead to serious dental consequences, such as:

  • tooth and bone loss
  • stained, uneven, or discolored teeth
  • periodontal disease
  • pain, discomfort, and difficulty eating

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What is the Alberta Dental Fee Guide?

Each province and territory in Canada has their own dental fee guide, designed to regulate the cost of dentistry. The document outlines a number of dental codes and code descriptors related to specific elements of dental treatment.

Note:  It provides suggested fees that serve as a guide only: dentists are not required to follow the guide or any fee schedule.

A dental fee guide is important because it:

  • regulates the cost of dentistry within a certain province
  • creates more educated dental consumers
  • ensures that individuals receive better value for their money when it comes to dental treatments
  • makes it easier and more affordable for Albertans to access quality dental care

Alberta’s New Dental Fee Guide

Alberta has not had a fee guide since 1997 since the ADA+C stopped publishing one. This was done because they felt it removed the competitiveness of the dental services marketplace by setting an expectation of price.

However, a recent survey indicated that dental costs in Alberta are the highest in Canada and the dental fee guide has been reintroduced in an attempt to bring the cost of dentistry more in line with other provinces in the year ahead.

This guide will help:

  • consumers select the right dentist
  • dentists determine their fees
  • insurers set coverage levels

In addition, a fee guide will increase transparency, which encourages competition and reins in dentistry costs over time.


How to Use The Dental Fee Guide

The fees in the dental guide are recommended, but not mandatory. Dentists in Alberta will continue to set their own fees and some may charge more than the fee guide, while others may charge less.

Because of these differences in prices, you may wish to do your research and shop around before selecting a dental clinic. To help you compare, the guide includes:

  • a list and description of dental procedures
  • codes dentists use to identify procedures
  • suggested fees for each procedure

Choosing a Dentist

Now that you have the dental fee guide, you can become a more educated and confident consumer. Make sure to ask about your dentist’s fees before any dental service is provided and you can contact more than one to ask if they charge according to the fee guide.

As a dental consumer, you have the right to:

  • talk to your dentist about the services they recommend for you, how much they cost, and if they are charged according to the fee guide.
  • request the rates for specific procedures and compare them to the rates in the dental fee guide.
  • contact a number of dentists to compare their services and prices.
  • shop around for the services that best meet your needs and budget

When choosing a dentist, remember to consider the following:

  • do you have confidence in the dentist’s abilities and trust that they are providing you with the quality services you need?
  • does your dentist take the time to address your questions and concerns fully?
  • do you feel comfortable with the dentist and their team?
  • is the dental team opening to discussing fees?
  • are the hours and location easily accessible for you?
  • were you recommended to the dentist by family or friends? What was their experience?

Dental Fee Guide


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