What is Cosmetic Dentistry?
by Dr. Michael Popp on Oct 2, 2015
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Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more popular than ever before, and refers to procedures such as whitening, shaping and closing gaps between teeth that are primarily done to improve the look of teeth. Here at Marlborough Dental, we offer a large variety of techniques and procedures that can help restore the natural beauty of your smile. Before you decide if cosmetic dentistry is right for you, here is a quick guide of a few of the cosmetic dentistry services that can be performed.

Teeth Whitening

Overtime, teeth can become stained or discoloured, especially if you smoke or drink beverages such as coffee, tea, pop or red wine. Though you can purchase teeth whitening kits and toothpastes from any drug store, these solutions are not tailored to meet your specific dental needs and tend to be less effective than in-office procedures. Once your teeth are whitened they will still be susceptible to staining, so it is important that you continue to practice good oral hygiene by brushing at least twice a day, and flossing and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash at least once per day.


Bonding is used to improve teeth that have gaps between them, or are chipped, broken or cracked. Stained teeth can also be treated with bonding, though this procedure is more involved than whitening. During bonding, your dentist will apply an etching solution to the tooth, followed by tooth-coloured materials such as composite resins, where they are needed. Though bonding can last several years it is more likely than other types of tooth restoration to chip, wear down, and stain.

Enamel Shaping and Contouring

Enamel shaping and contouring is used to alter the length, position, or shape of teeth and may be used to correct crooked or overlapping teeth, chipped or irregular teeth or minor issues involving your bite. It is often used in conjunction with bonding.

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