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What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s playoff time in Calgary and that means it’s also time to breakout your Canadian hockey smile. On second thought, maybe “hockey smile” is the wrong choice of words. If your teeth have been chipped by a hockey puck or if they’re stained from drinking a few too may Saddledome beers, you may consider cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Michael Popp.

But what is Cosmetic Dentistry? Don’t worry, we have the answer. Cosmetic dentistry is dental work that vastly improves the aesthetics of your teeth, gums and/or bite. In some cases, cosmetic dentistry can improve the function of your teeth as well.

Teeth Whitening

The most common form of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. There are several over the counter teeth whitening options, but they all pale in comparison to the simple procedures offered my Dr. Popp. Teeth whitening can be repeated every six months to ensure your smile is always at its brightest.


Veneers are custom made porcelain laminates that are directly bonded to your teeth. Veneers are a great solution for closing the gaps between your teeth and can also be used in cases where teeth whitening is not an option.


Using a tooth-coloured composite resin, bonding allows Dr. Popp to fix chipped teeth. After hardening layers of the resin onto the enamel of your tooth, Dr. Popp shapes and polishes the resin until it matches the missing part of your tooth.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry or any dental procedure, contact Dr. Michael Popp at the Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary today at (403) 248-2066.  

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