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What To Expect During A Root Canal Procedure

What To Expect During A Root Canal Procedure

If you have been experiencing tooth pain and your dentist has recommended a root canal you may find yourself wondering what exactly will be happening that day in the dentist’s chair.

A root canal is often performed when the inside of your tooth has reached a point of decay that requires this type of treatment to save the integrity of the tooth and alleviate you from more pain in the future. The benefits of a root canal are:

  • Immediately relieves the pain and swelling associated with an abscessed tooth
  • Improves overall health, as untreated tooth infections can cause serious illness throughout the rest of the body
  • Prevents tooth decay from spreading to adjacent teeth
  • Saves your original tooth

Getting a Root Canal: What to Expect

Known by dentists as an endodontic procedure, a root canal is simply the process of removing the decay within the tooth. It’s an important step to ensure the infection does not spread into the rest of the tissues of the mouth and possibly into the jaw bone. When left untreated, the tooth will eventually die and need to be extracted, or worse- the infection can spread and negatively affect the surrounding teeth. Root canal therapy is the optimal option for you to protect your dental hygiene and help your teeth maintain their strength and health. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Pain Management. Your dentist will ensure your tooth and all surrounding nerves and tissues are completely frozen with a local anesthesia. First and foremost, they will want to be sure you feel comfortable and have zero pain during the procedure.
  2. Protecting the Surrounding Area. A rubber dental dam will be placed in your mouth to ensure all dental services related to the procedure are performed without coming into contact with the other parts of your mouth.
  3. Removing the Infection. Your dentist will make a small hole in the tooth to be able to reach and remove the decaying parts of the pulp. They will use special instruments to remove all diseased tissues within the tooth, including any nerves that are causing pain.
  4. Sterilizing the Canal. After the decayed pulp has been removed, your dentist will sterilize inside the tooth, and give it one more final cleaning before filling the area.
  5. Filling the Tooth. The last step involves filling the area that has been disinfected and cleaned. Depending on your specific needs, sometimes you may need a post inserted in the tooth, or a crown added in a separate visit.
  6. Optional Medications. Sometimes you will be prescribed an antibiotic and additional medication to help manage discomfort and the risk of infection after the treatment is complete.

Your Expert Root Canal Team in Calgary

When experiencing tooth pain and discomfort, have your dentist assess your condition right away to avoid further complications and to get you feeling better in no time. At Marlborough Dental Centre, the experienced team will use modern technology and a gentle touch to comfortably and properly detect and repair tooth infection. Contact the professional team at Marlborough Dental Centre by filling out the contact form below or calling 1-403-248-2066.


Q: How do I know if I need a root canal?
A: Your dentist will recommend getting a root canal if any of the following apply to you:

  • Chipped or cracked tooth that has become infected
  • Gum disease that has spread into a tooth
  • Substantial tooth decay
  • A tooth that will not take a filling well

Q: Is it painful to get a root canal?
A: Although it may sound intimidating, getting a root canal is a painless procedure. One of the dental services you will receive is a local anesthetic that will ensure you don’t feel any pain during the treatment.

Q: Where can I get a root canal in NE Calgary?
A: Marlborough Dental Centre is located at 1141-3800 Memorial Drive NE. Their experienced team is available for all of your dentistry and dental hygiene needs.

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