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What To Do If One Of Your Veneers Falls Off

What To Do If One Of Your Veneers Falls Off

Veneers are very thin porcelain shells designed to perfectly match your natural teeth while creating an even smile. These shells are permanently placed on the outside of the teeth to fill in gaps, alter the appearance and shape of your teeth, and even create a whiter smile. If you already have veneers, you may need to know what to do if your veneers fall off for any reason. Although veneers are designed to last a long time and you can try to protect your veneers from damage, they can sometimes fall off. There are a variety of reasons for this, but what’s most important is that you know what to do if this happens.

Why Veneers May Fall Off

  • Age
    Veneers are meant to last a long time, between 10 and 20 years, but that doesn’t mean they last forever. With time and use, the adhesive can very slowly detach from the teeth and the veneer will be susceptible to falling off.
  • Grinding Or Clenching
    Some people grind their teeth or clench their jaw without being conscious of it. This is especially common at night. The term for this is bruxism, and this condition can cause jaw pain and damage to your teeth. People with bruxism are more likely to damage their veneers and have them fall off due to the added stress on their teeth and veneers.
  • Tooth Conditions
    If you develop cavities or tooth decay, your veneers may fall off from a lack of tooth to adhere to. If your gums start to recede, your veneers may also be susceptible to falling off, as poor-fitting veneers tend to fall off quicker than properly fitted veneers.
  • Poor Adhesive
    If the incorrect adhesive or an inadequate amount of adhesive was used when you first received your veneers, they will likely not last the 10 to 20 years they are supposed to. If this is the reason your veneers fell off, it is not recommended to get your veneers put on by the same dentist who put them on originally. Instead, find a reputable cosmetic dentist to switch to.


What To Do If A Veneer Falls Off

  • Keep The Veneer
    If you still have the veneer after it falls off, keep it and bring it when you go to the dentist for a repair. Keep the veneer somewhere safe and wrapped in some type of soft material, for example, wrapped in a small towel in a box.
  • Go To The Dentist
    Make an appointment with your dentist right away. While a dislodged veneer is not considered a dental emergency, you can tell the office staff what has happened to make your appointment a priority since your natural tooth will be exposed. If the veneer is still in good shape, your dentist may remove any old adhesive, sanitize it, and put it back into place. If the veneer is damaged, your dentist may need to fabricate another one and bond it later, once the new veneer has been created.
  • Protect Your Tooth
    While you wait for your dentist appointment, you may notice that your tooth is more sensitive than you remember. This is because a thin layer of enamel is removed when veneers are applied. Take care to not drink very hot or cold beverages and avoid very hot or cold foods to limit tooth sensitivity. If the sensitivity is too much or if the texture of the tooth is very odd and distracting, you can cover the tooth with dental wax.
  • Ask About The Dislodged Veneer
    Once you see the dentist, ask them why the veneer fell off. If it’s just a matter of age, they can reattach it without issues. But if your veneer falls off because of bruxism or tooth health, you may need to discuss tooth treatments to prevent veneer damage in the future.

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Veneers And Veneer Repairs In Calgary At Marlborough Dental

If you are considering veneers, have them made and placed by a reputable cosmetic dentist in Calgary. And if you already have veneers that need maintenance, trust a dental clinic that performs cosmetic dentistry to restore your smile. At Marlborough Dental Centre, we offer various cosmetic dentistry services, including the adhesion and maintenance of veneers. We can offer new veneers for those looking to create a bright, even smile, and we can replace or repair any veneers you already have. For all of your cosmetic dentistry needs, including the reapplication of detached veneers, contact Marlborough Dental Centre at 1-403-248-2066 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: Can veneers be removed?
A: This treatment is considered irreversible since part of the procedure entails shaving down some of the natural tooth structure and enamel. Veneers may be replaced, however, if the tooth is left without a veneer, it will be at high risk for damage and infection and will have an unhealthy and unappealing look.

Q: Do veneers feel different from my regular teeth?
A: Broadly speaking, veneers feel very similar to your natural teeth. However, there are some differences that you may notice. While it may take a couple of weeks to get used to, your veneers will soon feel just like your natural teeth.

Q: How do I care for my veneers?
A: Taking care of your veneers is the same as taking care of your natural teeth. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and visiting your dentist for regular cleanings are all great ways to keep your veneers in top condition. Keep in mind that the porcelain of veneers cannot be bleached and if you bleach your teeth, they may no longer match the colour of these materials.

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