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Tips on How To Prevent Tartar Buildup


Dental plaque is one of your mouth’s greatest enemies. When it builds up on your teeth, it:

  • Eats away at your enamel
  • Causes cavities and tooth decay
  • Causes bad breath
  • Stains your teeth yellow

Practicing correct dental hygiene including brushing and flossing  twice a day is key to preventing this buildup. In addition, it’s important to schedule regular teeth cleanings with your dental hygienist at least once a year to remove the tartar you cannot reach.

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky, colourless film of bacteria that constantly forms on your teeth. Failure to practice good dental hygiene will cause it to harden into tartar, increasing your risk of cavities and gum disease.


  • Poor dental hygiene leads to plaque buildup which, if left untreated, can cause tooth loss
  • Pregnant women are more susceptible to plaque buildup and tooth decay
  • It takes approximately 12 days for plaque to form into tartar. Only a visit to the dental hygienist can remove the hardened tartar.
  • Although plaque buildup can cause gum inflammation, many patients suffer from gum disease without displaying any symptoms.  

Plaque can cause serious problems such as tooth decay and gum disease. It is important to talk to your dental hygienist about additional ways to prevent plaque formation and keep your mouth healthy.

Tips on How To Prevent Plaque & Tartar Buildup

The best way to prevent the serious oral effects of plaque and tartar on your teeth is to prevent it from forming.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy and plaque-free:

  1. Brush regularly

When brushing your teeth, it is important to do so slowly and carefully. A quick 30-second brushing is not enough to remove dental plaque and prevent tartar build-up.

Be sure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles that is small enough to reach all areas of your mouth. Don’t forget the hard-to-reach surfaces behind your teeth and on your rear molars.

  1. Schedule regular appointments with your dental hygienist

Once tartar has formed, only a dental hygienist will be able to remove it from your teeth. That’s why it’s important to book a teeth cleaning appointment every 6-12 months to remove any plaque and tartar that may have formed and prevent any further oral complications.

Apart from removing plaque, regular visits to your dental hygienist can have many benefits including:

  • Prevents tooth loss
  • Reduces your risk of developing oral cancer
  • Detects dental problems early
  • Prevents gum disease
  • Helps you maintain good dental and overall health

  1. Watch your diet

In addition to practicing good dental hygiene, it is important to stick to a balanced diet to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Be sure to limit the amount of sugar-containing foods you eat and be diligent about brushing your teeth. In addition, drinking plenty of water during and after meals can help minimize plaque buildup.

  1. Practice Good Dental Hygiene & Oral Habits

In addition to regular brushing, remember to floss at least twice a day. Only flossing daily can remove the plaque from between your teeth and prevent tartar formation in these difficult to reach areas.

Dental hygienists recommend stopping smoking as studies have shown that patients who smoke or use tobacco are more likely to have tartar on their teeth and beneath their gums.

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