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The Pearly Whites: A closer look at Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary

Overview: It’s no secret that Calgary is a hockey city, but that doesn’t mean people want to have that coveted hockey smile! Cosmetic Dentistry is more common than you think, and is not just for Hollywood big wigs. Check out the blog below to bust a few myths in the mouth and to explore how to keep your teeth pearly white right here in Calgary, AB!


An unfortunately common myth many believe is that having your teeth cleaned every 6 months to a year will both maintain a high level of oral health and keep your teeth white. In actual fact, it is best to have your teeth cleaned every 3-4 months. This myth of once a year is usually based on cost, with people believing that it is far too expensive to visit a dentist 3-4 times a year. However, the lack of cleanings and check ups can cause greater dental problems that are far more expensive to repair.

Cosmetic Dentistry is for celebrities.

Many years ago this myth had some truth to it but it’s 2014 now! The readable technology and perfected procedures have made Cosmetic Dentistry available to everyone.

Cosmetics are purely aesthetic.

Will you look younger and healthier with cosmetic dentistry? The answer is “Yes!” But the benefits of cosmetic dentistry don't stop there - some cosmetic procedures will also restore and enhance oral functions. Veneers are a great solution for chipped and gaps in teeth; in addition to their cosmetic function they restore proper bite downs, which is important for the mechanics of the jaw.

Cosmetic Dentistry, heck, cosmetic anything is all for women.

False. A recent trend in cosmetic dentistry shows that men increasingly want to whiten their teeth too! And it is about time guys! Men do tend to opt for bleaching versus veneers, probably because there is less time in the dentist chair even though teeth whitening are not a one-stop shop. On the other hand women lean towards having veneers, which involves a few visits to our NE Calgary Dental Clinic for measurements but have a permanent fix.

We Wish This Was A Myth

Popular foods/drinks that cause teeth to be stained:


You need it. You want it. And you may even be willing to fight someone for it. If you’re going to have your Timmy’s, your Starbucks or your own special dark brew, the good Dr. Michael Popp suggests staying on top of brushing and flossing.


The red wines will stain the teeth while the white wines will chew away at them. Everything in moderation! 1 or 2 glasses of wine is fine, but Dr. Popp advises against the entire bottle!

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is notoriously known for staining teeth. Dr. Popp suggests not completely dunking your tuna nigiri in the soy sauce!


This one speaks for itself!

The Cola Family

Sodas are full of sugar and acidity that don’t do your teeth any favours. If you’re going to have cola, Dr. Popp suggests that you stay on top of your oral care and visit the Marlborough Dental office for regular cleaning and whitening.

From the examples above the world may seem unfair, but there are foods that actually help whiten teeth and promote a healthy mouth.

Apples & Pears

Good for the body. Great for your teeth!


Have all the Salmon Sushi you want! (Once again, easy on the soy sauce) Calcium and vitamin D do nothing but good for your teeth.

Green Vegetables

This one speaks for itself!


Forget about bad breath for a moment and remember that onions help fight tooth decay.


The vitamin A, supports health tooth enamel. Bonus, they’re great for the eyes too!

The Bottom Line: Cosmetic Dentistry is easily available for all and goes far beyond an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dr. Michael Popp believes that from whitening teeth to veneers to dental implants, cosmetic dentistry promotes a high standard of oral health. Visit him at the Marlborough Dental Clinic and he’ll tell you himself!

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