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The Importance Of Fluoride For Children’s Oral Health

Maintaining proper oral health and hygiene is an important practice to instill in your child at a young age. Children’s oral health has a significant impact on their development as it contributes to their speech progression, chewing abilities, and overall confidence. Fluoride treatments are also a vital part of complete oral health. Fluoride is a mineral used to prevent tooth decay and is a common oral health supporter. If you would like to understand the benefits of fluoride and how it is a pivotal factor in your child’s oral health, keep reading as we explore this dental ally.

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Fluoride: An Essential Contributor To Children’s Oral Health

Tooth decay is a slow process of demineralization of the tooth enamel. If left untreated it can cause pain, tooth loss, and even infection so it is important to take extra steps to ensure your child’s oral health is maintained and protected against common dental complications. Adequate fluoride use is a simple resolution to keep the teeth strong while resisting tooth decay. 

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in the earth’s soil, water, and certain foods. It is used at almost every age to prevent tooth decay and may even repair existing tooth decay. Fluoride may already be added to your area’s public drinking water. This is done to provide dental health support to all members of society and mitigate excessive and expensive dental complications caused by tooth decay. Although fluoride may be in drinking water and different foods, it is still important to supplement further protection by incorporating a more direct treatment on the teeth. This can be done in several ways, some of which include specialized:

  • Toothpaste
  • Mouth rinse
  • Chewing tablets
  • Drops 

A dental professional may also provide further tooth decay prevention using treatments containing fluoride in the form of:

  • Gels
  • Foams 
  • Varnishes 


Why Children Need Fluoride

Fluoride is beneficial to children for many reasons. There are five primary reasons fluoride is crucial for children’s oral health. These reasons include:

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Can rebuild tooth enamel
  • Strengthens teeth
  • Protects against tooth damage or dental complications
  • Instills healthy oral hygiene practices to be carried into adulthood

How To Use Fluoride For Maximized Benefits

Excessive use of fluoride early on in a child’s life may possibly lead to the development of fluorosis. Fluorosis can cause white specks or lines to appear on a child’s teeth. To avoid fluorosis, supervise your child while brushing their teeth and make sure they properly spit out any fluoride treatments such as rinses or toothpaste. Ensure your child has good oral hygiene to limit the number of needed fluoride treatments until they are about six to eight years of age. 
To best determine the amount of fluoride your child needs to effectively protect their teeth, consult a professional. Dentists have the required training to properly analyze the teeth’ strength and can predict future complications. While considering these factors, they can provide an educated recommendation on the necessary amount of fluoride needed to maintain your child’s oral health. 


Protect Your Child’s Teeth With Proper Fluoride Use

Fluoride is a beneficial treatment to prevent tooth decay and strengthen teeth. It is important to understand that the amount of fluoride a child may need will vary. Too much fluoride may lead to fluorosis so it is beneficial to prevent this risk by gaining professional advice from a dentist. Dr. Popp can provide you with the necessary advice for your child’s fluoride treatments along with any other oral health and hygiene concerns you might have. 
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Q: Why does my child need added fluoride treatments if it is already in our drinking water?
A: The fluoride added to drinking water is used as a preventive measure for tooth decay but cannot act as the sole treatment. And in Calgary we do not currently have a program of water fluoridation. To ensure your child’s teeth are protected against tooth decay to the optimal extent, further fluoride treatments are recommended. 

Q: Who determines a safe level of fluoride to put in the drinking water?
A: The level of fluoride put into public drinking water is determined by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water. The level they recommend is based on the existing knowledge that citizens also receive fluoride through certain foods and added treatments. This ensures too much fluoride is not added.

Q: Do babies need fluoride?
A: Generally, babies under the age of six months do not need fluoride, however, this can be discussed in more detail during a six-month check-up with your pediatrician. 

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