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The Benefits Of Choosing A Dental Clinic That Offers Direct Billing

The Benefits Of Choosing A Dental Clinic That Offers Direct Billing

Many people have some form of dental insurance from their jobs, and this helps to pay for any non-emergency dental work that needs to be performed. Although insurance can help cover expenses, not all claims processes of insurance payments are created equal. One form of insurance payment is reimbursement, where you pay upfront for your dental expenses, take your payment information to your employer, have them submit it to your company insurance provider, and get reimbursed by your insurance company. The other way dental clinics can process insurance claims is through direct billing. This is where you provide insurance information to your dental clinic, they enter that into their system, and they charge the insurance company directly. Here are some ways a dental clinic that offers direct billing will make your life easier.

Dental Clinics That Offer Direct Billing Are More:

Dentistry, along with other forms of medical care such as optometry, is not a cheap process. But by offering direct billing, a dental clinic helps to lower costs for the client without the need for large, upfront costs. Direct billing allows you to keep all of your money in your account instead of waiting for reimbursement. For some people this is more than just convenient, it is vital. Having the ability to keep your finances stable and not having medical expenses drain your funds is a benefit for all.

Direct billing means that you only have to pay a deductible or the portion of the service charge not covered by your insurance provider. Direct billing is easier than reimbursement, as the dental clinic is the one dealing with your insurance company instead of you. With direct billing, you only have to pay once (if you need to pay at all, depending on your coverage), and you are done with it. This limits the amount of paperwork on your end and reduces the risk submission issues.  Direct billing reduces the number of steps involved, thus lowering the risk for error that can lead to application rejection or reimbursement delays, such as lost invoices, forgotten deadlines, or other human error. With reimbursement, you need to pay out of pocket, submit your claim to your company and/or insurance provider, and receive reimbursement later, which can take a very long time. Direct billing is quick and efficient, so you can keep your money without waiting on others.

Access To Vital Care
The amount needed to pay for dental care will vary depending on each person’s needs. Some people have teeth that need extensive orthodontic work, some people have accidents that drastically alter their teeth, some people are predisposed to oral conditions that need more treatment. Meanwhile, other people can go their whole life without needing extensive intervention. The level of care you receive should not be limited to how much money you have available. If your bank account is stretched thin one month, that shouldn’t be a reason to wait to fix a chipped tooth or for a cleaning. For parents, especially parents with multiple children, basic dental needs such as cleanings, checkups, and X-rays are sometimes delayed or even avoided due to cost. Paying multiple dental bills at once is not achievable for some parents, which can impact the oral health of their family. Some parents also forgo their own dental needs so that their child can go to the dental clinic. With direct billing, you don’t have to choose between which of your family members gets to receive oral health care and at what time since you will not be paying out of pocket and draining your funds at once. Not everyone has the ability to wait for reimbursement, making direct billing a vital part of access to dental care.

Please Note: If you have a dental emergency, the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) provides eligible Alberta residents with coverage for emergency dental services.


Find A Calgary Dental Clinic With Direct Billing

At Marlborough Dental Centre, we believe that finances shouldn’t be an obstacle to receiving the dental care you need. Oral health is a part of your overall health, and regular dental exams are just as important as other regular medical checkups. To help families afford dentistry services, Marlborough Dental Centre offers direct billing as well as competitive dental rates to help make dental services affordable for all Calgarians. To schedule a dental exam with Marlborough Dental Centre, contact our dental clinic at 1-403-248-2066 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: I don’t have dental insurance. How can I make dental care more affordable?
A: If you don’t have dental insurance, you may be eligible for financial assistance programs. Beyond this, you can speak with our dental clinic to see what financing options are available and you may be able to receive a quote for a dental exam and any additional recommended services. To learn more ways to save money while receiving dental care, read How To Make Dental Care Affordable Without Insurance.

Q: How are the prices of different treatments during my dental visit calculated?
A: The cost of a Calgary dental care visit depends on the specific treatments that are administered during the appointments. Some treatments are calculated at a single rate, such as X-rays. Other procedures are billed in “units of time”. Units are usually fifteen minutes in length. Other treatments, including those that may require special appliances, take into consideration the cost of materials, time of treatments, and potential lab fees associated with them.

Q: Are there guidelines for how dental services are priced?
A: In many Canadian provinces, the provincial dental association sets a fee guide, which dentists use as a guide to set the cost of different treatments. However, the province of Alberta does not have such a fee guide, and dentists are able to set their own prices. The reason the fee guide stopped being published was to promote more competition among dental practices and a wider range of prices. In Calgary, dental care fees may vary between different dentists. At Marlborough Dental Centre, many of our services are priced according to the recommended fee guide so that you get fair prices for invaluable dental care.

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