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The 4 Biggest Benefits of Dental Crowns

Do you think that you may need a dental crown? Here is everything you need to know about dental crowns, including what they protect, why you might need one, and how they will benefit you.

A dental crown is a specially designed cap that covers the damaged tooth of a patient. Dental crowns are a type of restorative dental procedure designed to fix tooth problems such as broken, chipped, or discoloured teeth. In a dental crown procedure, your dentist will create a customized dental crown for the tooth in question, then affix the permanent crown to the tooth, cementing it into place so that the damaged tooth is fully protected.

Your dentist might recommend a tooth crown for the following reasons:

  • To cover cavities that are too large to be filled
  • To shield cracked, weak, or worn down teeth from further damage
  • To improve appearance after a root canal or discolouration
  • To replace missing teeth

Our NE Calgary Dentists Can Help You Achieve a Stunning Smile With Dental Crowns

If you have impaired or discoloured teeth, our team of experienced Calgary dentists offer excellent, affordable dental crowns to help you create a beautiful, healthy smile. We also offer comprehensive dental services to meet any of your oral health needs.

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Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Your dentist may recommend a dental crown to you for several reasons. However, the four most common reasons are:

1. To cover the effects of a root canal procedure

2. To enhance the appearance of a discoloured or damaged tooth

3. To cover a dental implant, allowing you to chew food normally

4. To strengthen the structure of a tooth that is close to breaking


What Are the Benefits of a Dental Crown?

1. Pain Relief

If you suffer from oral health issues such as tooth decay, infections, or fractured teeth, you are likely in a great deal of pain. Once your dentist has resolved the problem causing you pain, such as with a tooth filling or root canal, the tooth is still vulnerable to be redamaged, which could result in even more discomfort. A dental crown will protect your healing tooth from additional damage and pain.

2. Restore the Appearance

A dental crown can cover up a wide range of tooth imperfections such as discolouration, crooked, or chipped teeth. When developing a customized crown for your tooth, your dentist will ensure that your crown matches the appearance of the rest of your teeth to restore the beauty of your smile. The most common material used to create our crowns is white porcelain, which makes for a pleasant, shiny look.

3. Durability

To ensure that the crown will last for as long as possible, we use a strong bonding cement that lasts for many years. Additionally, the porcelain used to develop dental crowns is a strong material that, with proper care, cleaning and flossing, can last up to 30 years.

4. Incredibly Simple

When you hear about somebody getting a dental crown, you may think about how long, complicated and difficult the procedure must be. However, the process of creating and implementing the crown is a quick, straightforward and painless procedure. The treatment is minimally invasive, and mild sedatives are available to our patients who struggle with stress and anxiety when visiting the dentist.


High Quality and Affordable Dental Crowns and Services in NE Calgary

If you are feeling worried about the appearance of your damaged or stained teeth, we have a wide range of cosmetic dentistry options that are available to you. To find out more about how we can improve your smile and enhance your oral health through dental crowns, contact our Calgary dental clinic at 403-248-2066 or fill in our online contact form.

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