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by Dr. Michael Popp on Oct 10, 2014

You hear about it every six months.  FLOSSING IS IMPORTANT.

There is a reason why every oral health practitioner DEMANDS that you make this part of your daily practice.  

Eilert Eilersten wrote a great article called: Fun Flossing Facts last February that really hits home.  Hope this get's you going!

Statistics show that over 80% of adults suffer from some degree of gum disease.  YIKES!

Still not convinced?  How about this:


  1. Flossing cleans the gaps between your teeth in a way that nothing else can. Teeth have five surfaces, so if you don't floss, only 60 percent of your tooth is clean. You wouldn't take 60 percent of a shower, so why is it OK to neglect your teeth? 
  2. Flossing removes debris and bacteria that can cause gum infections, so your gums will stay healthier if you floss regularly. Preventing gum infections is important, because frequent gum infections are a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes and a high BMI (body mass index.) A high BMI indicates obesity, and this relationship occurs because the bacteria that cause gum infections love to eat sugar and carbohydrates, which also cause weight gain.
  3. Particles of food trapped between the teeth begin to decay almost immediately. Not only will this decay eat away at the enamel of your teeth, causing cavities, but it also emits a foul odor that causes bad breath. 
  4. In addition to fresher breath and fewer cavities, flossing will give you a more attractive, whiter smile by removing food particles and plaque trapped between the teeth. Plaque makes the edges of your teeth look yellow and dark, so removing it means you will have whiter looking teeth. 


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