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Senior Dental Care For Smokers And Ex-Smokers

Senior Dental Care For Smokers And Ex-Smokers

Over the last several decades, attitudes toward smoking have greatly changed. What used to be the norm is now strongly discouraged by medical professionals, and people who smoke or who used to smoke are encouraged to take steps to check their health. This includes your oral health. Smoking is unhealthy for the whole body, but your mouth is the first point of contact and entry, and smoking has been closely linked to many common oral health problems, especially in seniors who have been smoking for many years. Whether you currently smoke or you used to, there are some dental care tips you should follow to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Smokers And Ex-Smokers: Benefit From Senior Dental Care

Practice Regular Dental Care At Home
The best way to help your teeth and gums stay healthy is to practice proper oral health care every day. Floss your teeth at least once a day and brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. When you brush your teeth, make sure you do it for 2 minutes and that you brush your tongue. You should also brush your teeth anytime you eat and if you aren’t able to do that, swish with water or mouthwash. If you smoke, you are at greater risk of developing tooth and gum problems, and taking care of your mouth through consistent oral health care can greatly increase your chances of maintaining tooth health.

Choose The Right Toothbrush And Toothpaste
There are toothbrushes specifically made for people who smoke or used to smoke. Sometimes called a smoker's toothbrush, these specialty toothbrushes help get rid of nicotine on the teeth as well as reduce staining caused by smoking. Toothpaste designed for people who do or did smoke is also available. The whitening component of this type of toothpaste specifically targets nicotine and tobacco stains.

Quit Smoking
It’s easier said than done, but the most advisable thing you can do for your teeth is to quit smoking. Quitting will help to slow the progression of any existing tooth or gum disease. Even if you’ve been smoking for many years, quitting will reduce your risk of developing cancer, gum disease, and more than if you continue.

Visit Your Dentist
Regular dental cleanings and dental exams are important for everyone, but they are even more critical for people who do or did smoke. If you currently smoke, dental cleanings are vital for removing tobacco residue from the hard-to-reach places in your mouth, such as around the gum line and between the teeth. Dental exams are also critically important. Whether you have quit smoking or currently smoke, you are at an increased risk for developing cancer of the tongue, cheeks, gums, and throat, all of which a dentist looks for during a dental exam. When you have regular dental checkups, you increase your chances of early detection of any potentially developing cancer, which can then lead to early treatment and a lower risk of the cancer spreading. Your dentist will also look for signs of gum disease, tooth damage, and tooth staining and can potentially offer solutions.

Senior Dental Care In Calgary

Seniors who have smoked for many years are at the greatest risk of developing gum disease, oral cancer, and tooth loss. To keep your mouth healthy and safe, schedule regular senior dental care exams. Regular dental care will help to maintain your ability to speak and eat with comfort while also detecting any signs of oral health problems. At Marlborough Dental Centre in Calgary, our team of dental experts will perform a dental cleaning and a dental exam and we can address any questions you may have to ensure dental health now and in the future. To receive in-clinic senior dental care and to speak to experienced dental professionals about how to improve your dental health, contact Marlborough Dental Centre at 1-403-248-2066 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: What are healthy gums supposed to look like?
A: Your gums should be pink, firm, and free from pain. If you do not floss regularly, gums may bleed and swell. Flossing regularly will prevent gums from bleeding when flossing and will improve gum health.

Q: I need to get dentures. How will smoking affect this?
A: If you smoke, you will have a longer time recovering from tooth removal and you may have problems with your gum health that can limit your denture options.

Q: I have a hard time brushing and flossing my teeth due to arthritis. What can I do about this?
A: Electric toothbrushes are a great way to make effective tooth brushing easier. Consider floss alternatives like floss picks or water picks.

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