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Root Canal Therapy in Calgary

We’ve all heard horror stories surrounding root canal procedures and most of us are glad that we haven’t had to endure them, but what are root canals?  What actually causes them?  What are the steps of a root canal procedure?  Calgary’s Dr. Michael Popp from Marlborough Dental Centre wants to fill you in on all the details pertaining to root canal therapy so you’re prepared if and when you need one.   

A root canal is the natural hole found in the center of each tooth that is comprised of a soft material called pulp.  Our root canals house our teeth’s nerves and therefore are sensitive areas.  Nerves found in our teeth work as sensation detectors notifying us when something is hot or cold.  These nerves solely act as sensory agents and have no other effect on our teeth.  Which is lucky for those undergoing a root canal procedure because, during this treatment, the tooth’s nerves and entire pulp are removed.  Once the pulp is compromised it must be removed to prevent further infection.  The pulp and nerves can become damaged by tooth decay, infection, trauma to our mouths or even inflammation.     

There are some symptoms that you may experience if you need a root canal: severe tooth pain, constant tooth sensitivity, a darkened tooth, swollen or tender gums or even a blemish on your gums.  You should contact your Calgary dental clinic if you notice any of these.  Once your dentist determines that a root canal is required, he or she will take an X-ray to get an image of the canal and infection.  Then your Calgary dentist will use a specialized drill to enter the tooth so that the pulp and nerve can be removed.  Once the tooth is hollowed and properly cleaned, your dentist will fill and seal the hole to eliminate contamination.  Most people are able to continue their regular schedule the next day there just may be some soreness or sensitivity.  Over the counter drugs can assist with that discomfort.        

Root canals have been given a bad reputation in the past, but with today’s technology and experienced professionals, root canals can be handled in one visit with minimal pain or worry.  If you are experiencing any tooth pain or think you need emergency dental care, call Dr. Michael Popp at Marlborough Dental located in NE Calgary at 403.248.2066.    

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