No More Fear of Dental Procedures
by Dr. Michael Popp on May 29, 2015

Sedation dentistry has become a game changer at Marlborough Dental Centre. Patients that previously were adjusting to life with toothaches due to a debilitating fear of dentists are now walking out of our dental centre with huge smiles and a new outlook on dental procedures. Fears are meant to be overcome, and dentist Dr. Michael Popp can lead the way using sedation dentistry.

If you find yourself driving back home less than a minute after you’ve parked outside the Marlborough Dental Centre, you most likely have a fear of dentists and should consider sedation dentistry. First step, you have to park that car, walk into our clinic and consult with Dr. Michael Popp. Don’t worry, this is not a trap, Dr. Popp needs to examine your medical history with you and find what level of sedation dentistry you require. There are 4 levels of sedation dentistry: Minimal Sedation, Moderate Sedation, Deep Sedation and General Anaesthesia. Regardless of what type of sedation you receive, Dr. Popp will use a local anaesthetic, a numbing mediation used to prevent any pain.

Dental fears often develop early in childhood. We recommend that parents have their children become comfortable with dental visits at an early age. With the wealth of experience that Dr. Popp has with paediatric dentistry, your young kids will not develop any fears of dental procedures and will learn how to maintain superior oral care throughout life.

If you have a debilitating fear of dentists, high anxiety or extremely low pain threshold, consult with Dr. Michael Popp and find out how sedation dentistry can be a solution for your fears. For more information on sedation dentistry or any dental procedure, contact Dr. Michael Popp and his team at Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary on 403-248-2066.  


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