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Is your child afraid of trips to the dentist?

At Marlborough Dental Center, we offer services and treatment for the whole family, including pediatric dentistry (dentistry for kids). The dentists and dental hygienists at our Calgary office are committed to providing the finest dental services possible. We know that when developing treatment plans for children, it is important not only to provide excellent care but to help address any anxiety a child may have about visits to the dentist. We think that this approach is what makes us the top dentist for kids in Calgary to provide dental care for your child.

In addition to the fact that any patient’s comfort is always a priority, children being comfortable and stress-free during their dental appointments is highly important for two reasons:

  1. Calm patients are better able to converse with the dentist or hygienist and learn about the different procedures before and as they happen. This can help the appointment run smoothly. On the other hand, a very anxious patient might be too nervous or preoccupied to understand any explanations, or too shy to ask questions. This can cause discomfort during the procedure, or the child might not cooperate with the dentist and hygienist.
  2. It is also important for children to be comfortable with the idea of going to the dentist so that if they ever experience discomfort or pain related to their teeth or gums, they alert their parents or guardians, who can schedule a trip to the dentist for kids. A child who is afraid of the dentist may try to avoid a trip to the dental clinic, which could lead to problems going untreated or worsening over time.

For these reasons, helping to alleviate anxiety surrounding dental visits is important for both short term comfort and long-term oral health and dental hygiene. We’ve outlined two common reasons why children might be afraid of visits to the dentist and suggestions for addressing them:

  1. Children may be uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations or shy about meeting new people.

Tip: We are committed to being an excellent dentist for kids in Calgary, and to put your child at ease we would be happy to have them meet with our dentists or hygienists and visit our office before their appointment.

Tip: Young children can benefit from positive explanations about visits to the dentist’s office, and it may be helpful for parents or older siblings to accompany the to the appointment. It may also be comforting for them to bring a favourite toy or other familiar item in order to help them feel more at ease.

  1. Children may afraid that a procedure will hurt.

Very young children sometimes don’t understand that discomfort during a dental examination, filling, or other procedure is something that dentists and hygienists make a great effort to avoid. They may become scared or panicky if a procedure seems like it will hurt or if they feel discomfort. Certain surveys report that children who are afraid of visits to the dentist are most nervous about procedures that include anaesthesia and tooth extraction.

Tip: In order to alleviate the fear of pain or discomfort, parents and dentists can explain in advance about the tools that will be used, and emphasize that the hygienist or dentist will check in frequently with the child to make sure they are comfortable.

Tip: For particularly nervous patients, certain forms of sedation may be helpful. If you feel this might be the optimal option for your child, our dental care professionals would be able to discuss this procedure with you.

To schedule a consultation or appointment, you can contact us by phone at 403-248- 2066 or online. You may also book an appointment by visiting our Calgary dentist office, located in Marlborough Mall and conveniently accessible by LRT. We would be happy to discuss any accommodations or treatment plans that could help your child become less anxious and more comfortable with dental visits.

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