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Invisalign vs Metal Braces: What's the difference?

The world is always changing and evolving. In the world of eye care, for example, there used to be only eyeglasses for correcting eyesight. Now, we can count on contact lenses and surgery to do the same thing. 

The same evolution applies to orthodontics. As far as proper teeth alignment goes, braces have traditionally been the go-to method. But now, many clinics offer Invisalign. Which one is better? Does Invisalign represent a clear-cut evolution over traditional metal braces? Or does it come with trade-offs?

If you are weighing out your options for either yourself or your family, we will help you understand everything you need to know about Invisalign and traditional metal braces. 

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What is Invisalign?

Before we discuss the differences between Invisalign and traditional metal braces, it is important to know exactly what Invisalign is. 
In short, Invisalign braces are:

  • an orthodontic treatment that, much like braces, will slowly move your teeth into the correct alignment over time
  • a series of clear, plastic trays that fit closely around your teeth
  • almost look like they are invisible on your teeth

Invisalign braces over time will straighten your teeth and enhance your already beautiful smile.

Invisalign vs Metal Braces: A Comparison

While both types of braces will do essentially the same thing, there are contrasting features between the two:

  1. Invisalign braces are basically invisible on your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, only you and your orthodontist will know you have them on.
  2. Traditional braces can cause injury during sports or other physical activity if you were to be hit in the mouth. Invisalign, on the other hand, is based on a smooth plastic-like material and will not cause injury in the mouth.
  3. Invisaligns can be taken out at any time, which allows for easier brushing and flossing.
  4. When you have metal braces, there are many types of food you cannot enjoy, such as popcorn, chewing gum, apples and nuts. Invisalign braces allow you to continue enjoying the food you love without worrying about having anything lodged in the wires.
  5. Much like metal braces, your Invisalign treatment options will vary. Your professional orthodontics team will provide you with different payment options, assistance with insurance, and payment plans.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team at Marlborough Dental, your Northeast Calgary Orthodontist, will help you weigh out the pros and cons of your treatment options. Let us help you decide if Invisalign braces are right for you.

Getting Invisalign Braces in Calgary

Crowded teeth, open bites, crossbites, and overbites are all common issues that can be treated by your orthodontic team with Invisalign. Whether you are an adult looking for a straighter smile, a teenager who has some misaligned teeth, or a child who has developed crowded teeth, Invisalign braces may be able to help.
No matter what route you and your orthodontic provider decide to go, a comprehensive exam will help you determine if Invisalign braces are right for you.



Q: Do Invisalign braces hurt?
A: Much like traditional braces, there can be some initial discomfort while becoming accustomed to your Invisalign braces. Your orthodontist will most likely recommend eating foods that are softer to chew as you experience some tenderness.

Q: Are Invisalign braces expensive?
A: The cost of your orthodontic treatment will depend a few variables, including:

  • The complexity of your treatment plan
  • The amount of time needed to straighten your teeth
  • The possibility of your orthodontist recommending supplemental procedures alongside your Invisalign braces

Your knowledgeable Calgary orthodontist can give a quote for your treatment plan, go over insurance coverage options, and discuss payment plans and supplemental programs.


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