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How To Take Care of Your Teeth At Home

Good dental health care is essential for children and adults. Dentist appointments twice a year are a good step towards maintaining a healthy smile, but an individual’s daily health routine is also very important to maintaining good dental hygiene. Here are some tips to help build a foundation for a good dental hygiene routine at home:

1. Develop good flossing and brushing habits

Almost everyone is aware of the high importance of brushing twice a day, but sometimes individuals purchase the wrong kind of toothbrush without realizing it. For some individuals, brushes with very stiff or hard bristles can cause irritation or damage to the gums, which, in more severe cases, can contribute to issues like gum inflammation or gum recession. Other individuals might not always brush using the correct motions, or fail to reach all of the surfaces of their tooth. Furthermore, children might require child-sized toothbrushes, and some individuals who have difficulty gripping a toothbrush might require a brush with a thicker handle.

Similarly, the importance of flossing is very well-known but some individuals may floss less frequently than is ideal or fail to reach all surfaces of the tooth.

TIP: Discuss your toothbrush choice with your dentist. Whether you are looking for a regular toothbrush, an electrical one, or are considering additional dental cleaning tools, your dental care provider can provide suggestions about the best option for you.

TIP: Floss threaders can be a good option for anyone who does not prefer strings of dental floss, and can also be a highly portable or travel-sized option for dental care away from home.

2. Follow appropriate dental care routines for dental appliances

Individuals of all ages may have different kinds of dental appliances. These can include removable appliances such as retainers, nighttime bite guards and prosthetics such as dentures, or fixed ones such as braces. It is very important to properly care, clean, and store these appliances in order to ensure your dental treatment plan progresses as planned.

TIP: If you are new to dental appliances, ask your dentist or dental hygienist to demonstrate proper cleaning techniques to you. If you are uncertain if your appliance needs a special form of cleaner you can ask your dental care professional for suggestions. Similarly, it is important to properly use the special brushes for braces and to follow the adapted brushing and flossing techniques that your dentist outlines.

3. Avoid sugary or very acidic drinks

A third popular tip for dental care is to avoid sugary foods and beverages. However, even in moderation, it is possible for certain sugary beverages can create issues: According to certain dental associations, “sipping” a sugary or acidic beverage over a long period of time can create a prolonged period where the acidic or sugary drink can affect the tooth.

TIP: If you love having a sweetened coffee on hand or if you enjoy sipping juice or soda, consider consuming these beverages over a shorter period of time and talk to your dentist, dental hygienist, or dental care professional about beverages that may be healthier to sip during the day.

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