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How To Prepare Your Teen For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth tend to appear in dental X-rays during the mid-teens and may or may not emerge from the gums around this period. The need to remove wisdom teeth will be determined by a dental professional. Extractions will likely be needed if a patient's wisdom teeth are causing pain or swelling, gum disease or cavities, or put other teeth at risk of shifting. Wisdom teeth removal generally occurs between the ages of 17-25. If your teen fits into one of the categories above, consult a dental professional to see if wisdom teeth removal is needed. If you are already scheduled for wisdom teeth removal, follow along in this article, as we discuss how to prepare for the procedure and maximize comfort while recovering.

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Make Your Experience As Easy As Possible 

Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be daunting. One of the best ways to make the most out of your procedure is to ensure you prepare yourself for the surgery and recovery process. This will limit your stress and provide you with as much comfort as possible in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. 

Surgery Preparation

The different ways you can help yourself prepare for your surgery include but are not limited to:
Get All The Information You Need 
The more you know, the fewer uncertainties to worry about. Before your surgery, you will meet with your surgeon to discuss the procedure. They will explain how the removal will happen and open the floor to any questions you might have. If your doctor does not disclose the following information during his explanation, considering asking: 

  • How long will the procedure take?
  • Will I experience any pain?
  • What are potential complications and what will you be doing to mitigate these risks?
  • What type of anesthesia will be used? 
  • How long will my recovery take?
  • What do I do during my recovery?

You may also want to discuss any health conditions you have and list any medications you may be taking during the time of the procedure. 

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Before your surgery, your doctor will provide you with specific pre-surgery instructions to follow the night before and the day of your procedure. These instructions must be followed diligently to ensure you are safe and comfortable throughout the process. 

Make Sure You’re Comfortable

On your surgery day, show up to your appointment wearing loose-fitting and warm clothes. Ensure you have someone to drive you home after the surgery and potentially care for you the rest of the day. 

Recovery Preparation 

There are three common symptoms you may experience during your recovery. These symptoms may cause you various levels of discomfort which can be eased to some extent with the following preparation tips:

Pain And Swelling 
Once your anesthesia wears off you may feel pain in your mouth and a swollen jaw. This is common for wisdom tooth extractions. Your doctor may prescribe you pain medication or recommend a specific over-the-counter medication that can limit your discomfort. To prepare for this aspect of your recovery:

  • Ensure you have someone fill your pain medication prescription as soon as possible after receiving it. 
  • If you are not prescribed medication for the pain, get your over-the-counter medication before your surgery so it is ready for you when you get home.
  • Have ice packs on hand to reduce the swelling.

Bleeding From The Extraction Sites
While your doctor will take the necessary precautions to close up your wounds, there is a possibility that they may slightly open again and cause further bleeding. To prepare for this aspect of your recovery:

  • Have medical gauze on hand to apply light pressure to the wound and help form a blood clot. 
  • Consider having different types of gauze on hand in case the amount of swelling you have complicates their effectiveness. 

Only Consume Liquids Or Soft Foods

To limit the risk of reopening your incision wounds, stick to consuming liquids or soft foods for a few days after the procedure. It is also important to stay hydrated after your surgery. To prepare for this aspect of your recovery:

  • Have hydrating drinks available such as water, coconut water, or sports drinks with electrolytes.
  • Have food on hand that will not damage your wound’s healing progress such as pudding, yogurt, soup, or pasta.
  • Do not get anything that will require you to use a straw, as sucking out of a straw can dislodge your blood clots. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

If you are feeling worried about your upcoming wisdom tooth removal try to prepare for it as much as possible. The more you do to prepare for the surgery and recovery, the less you will have to do once it is happening. Ensure your doctor has answered any questions you have and secure items that will provide you comfort during your recovery ahead of time. Dr. Popp and our team of experienced Calgary dentists and expert dental professionals can assess the condition of your teeth and determine if wisdom tooth extraction is the best option for you. Contact us today to find out more.



Q: What are the different types of anesthesia used for oral surgery?
A: Oral surgery is conducted under two types of anesthesia, local and sedation. Local anesthesia is used by breathing in a special gas, while sedation is done by injecting an IV into a vein. Both will produce the same effect and ensure you cannot feel the removal process.  

Q: How long do wisdom teeth removals take?
A: It generally takes 30-60 minutes to complete wisdom teeth extractions. This will vary depending on the number of wisdom teeth being removed and where they are positioned. 

Q: How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth removals?
A: This will vary depending on the patient. Teens tend to heal faster than older adults. The general recovery time is three to four days. 

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