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How To Keep Your Teeth Whiter, Longer After Teeth Whitening Treatment

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How To Keep Your Teeth Whiter, Longer After Teeth Whitening Treatment

A bright, beautiful smile can do wonders to increase your confidence. Many people choose teeth whitening so they can feel good about the smile they present to the world instead of hiding it away. But how long does your smile stay white? That will depend on your habits after teeth whitening treatment. Tooth staining occurs when pigmented residue from food particles builds up on the tooth enamel. Because teeth are porous, the pigment can get into the tooth and cause staining. While teeth whitening can remove these stains, there are ways you can prolong the results of your teeth whitening by integrating these habits into your life.

How To Prolong The Results Of Teeth Whitening

Brush Your Teeth
It’s common knowledge that it’s good oral health to brush your teeth twice a day, but it’s actually a good idea to brush after every time you eat. When you eat (or drink anything other than water), food particles remain in your mouth afterward, even when you don’t feel them. Sugars and acids from the foods you eat will stay on your teeth and will slowly but surely wear away the enamel on your teeth, increasing your risk of staining. To help keep your teeth white, brush them with whitening toothpaste after every meal. Toothpaste that contains hydrogen or carbamide peroxide will give an extra boost to keep your smile white. Also remember to floss whenever you brush, as this will ensure food particles are not trapped between the teeth or along the gums and will help to keep your teeth white all over. You don’t want to miss the crevices and have staining along the edges of your teeth.

Rinse Your Mouth
You won’t always be in a position where you can brush your teeth after eating or drinking. After your lunch at the office or a muffin at a coffee shop, you likely won’t want to pull your toothbrush out. Instead, make sure to rinse your mouth with water. Drinking water after you eat helps to clear food particles and acid from the mouth so that they do not have a chance to linger on the teeth and cause staining.

Avoid Foods That Stain
Some foods are more likely to cause staining than others. Avoid acidic foods and dark foods, especially when the two are combined. Dark, acidic foods affect tooth colour the most as the acids in foods work to break down the enamel in the teeth and the dark stains can make their way deeper into the tooth. Some common foods that are both acidic and dark that will increase the risk of stains include:

  • Red wine
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dark pops (such as root beer)
  • Dark chocolate
  • Tomatoes and tomato-based sauces
  • Soy sauce
  • Dark fruits (such as blueberries and cherries)
  • Curry

Use Straws
We are all only human and avoiding foods that may stain teeth just isn’t always possible. When you reach for your iced coffee or orange juice in the morning, enjoy your drinks but minimize staining by drinking them through a straw. This will let you enjoy your beverage while keeping the liquid away from your teeth, particularly the front teeth that are most visible. If you’re trying to reduce your amount of plastic waste, consider buying some reusable straws. You can even find collapsible ones for on the go!

Don’t Smoke
There are plenty of reasons to avoid or quit smoking, and your teeth are one of them. The nicotine and tar in tobacco are known for staining teeth and can turn them yellow or even brown. Smoking can also lead to other tooth damage, such as decay and gum disease.

Calgary Teeth Whitening Services At Marlborough Dental Clinic

Teeth whitening is a very popular form of cosmetic dentistry. It is a painless and easy way to instantly brighten the teeth and create a younger, healthier smile. If you are dissatisfied or self-conscious about your smile, the Calgary dentists at Marlborough Dental Centre can help. We offer the latest, most effective in-office teeth whitening procedures in Calgary. This non-invasive dental treatment will make teeth a bright white color that completely enhances your smile! To get instantly whiter teeth that will last, call Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary at 1-403-248-2066 or fill out the online contact form to book your appointment.


Q: Can I whiten my teeth at home?
A: While there are teeth whitening kits available for at-home use, these products are not as effective and can lead to disappointing results. Some products can also cause gum irritation and other damage. To learn more about at-home teeth whitening and why in-office teeth whitening performed by a dentist is better, read The Risks Of At-Home Teeth Whitening.

Q: Are teeth sensitive after a teeth whitening treatment?
A: There may be tooth sensitivity for the first 48 hours after treatment.

Q: Is there a minimum age for who can receive teeth whitening?
A: Technically teeth whitening is allowed at age 16, but some dental clinics will not perform teeth whitening until age 18. To learn more about children’s tooth development and why some people are eligible at age 16 and others at age 18, read Should Teens Have Their Teeth Whitened?

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