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Family Dental Care in the New Year


The holidays are over! Throw out the old toothbrushes because it’s time to reload and recharge your oral health for 2015! Continued success in the New Year begins and ends with your smile. Read the blog below for tips on maintaining great dental health this year.


Routine Checkup

All dentists can agree on this one, dental checkup every 6 months. Routine checkups are the most effective way to keep major dental problems from developing. Aside from preventing major issues like gum disease from starting, routine appointments with a dental hygienist removes plaque build-up that can’t be removed with brushing or flossing. The routine visit to the dental chair also keeps toothaches at bay since dentists are able to catch any signs of decay developing.


Chewing Gum

Break out the sugar free gum this year! After eating any meal you have the option, either use an antibacterial rinse, which helps prevent tooth decay, or you can chew sugar free gum. Sugar free gum after meals has several benefits:

  • Neutralizes acid
  • Eliminates bacteria from the mouth
  • Increases saliva flow
  • Looks Cool!


Brushing & Flossing

It’s been passed down from generation to generation. No two things go better together than brushing and flossing. Both gum disease and tooth decay are primary dental problems that affect people of all ages. Dentists recommend that toothbrushes be changed 4 times a year and since it’s the start of a new year what better way to start than with a brand new toothbrush! Brushing seems to get all the glory but remember to pick up floss as well. Flossing gets to areas between the teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing dislodges food stuck between teeth and keeps the area clean, further preventing the chances of tooth decay.



Your mouth is a major hub of activity and even though success begins and ends with the smile, your mouth is vital for breathing, talking and breaking food down for your body to obtain the nutrition it needs. Sugary foods and cola drinks are nothing but bad news for your teeth (and for your body) so in 2015 make an effort at reducing or eliminating certain foods from your diet. When simple sugars are broken down in the mouth they produce acids that eat away at enamel, which leads to tooth decay. Start small, but cutting down on candy and soda at the movie theatre.



Calgarians are tough! We love our Calgary Flames and we love our hockey! But that doesn’t mean we want to have that lovely hockey smile with missing teeth. It’s always beneficial and fun to live a healthy lifestyle that consists of being active and playing sports. If you play recreational or competitive sports, dentists like Dr. Popp highly suggest investing in mouth guards. Some team sports in schools have made it mandatory for athletes to wear mouth guards and the Marlborough Dental Clinic can make any custom fitted mouth guard.


Bottom Line:

Start with replenishing your oral care products this year with new toothbrushes, floss, mouth wash and mark your calendar with your next visit to the Marlborough Dental Clinic. The Marlborough Dental Clinic in NE Calgary offers services but not limited to: pediatric dentistry, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, cleanings, wisdom teeth extractions.


Book your routine appointments with Dr. Michael Popp at Marlborough Dental Clinic in NE Calgary today on (403) 248-2066.

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