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FAQ: Billing for Dentist Appointments & Treatments

When it comes to Calgary dental care, the costs and bills associated with dentist appointments and treatment can be difficult to navigate. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the costs and logistics of billing for dental treatments:

Are there guidelines for how dental services are priced?

In many Canadian provinces, the provincial dental association sets a fee guide, which dentists uses as a guide to set the cost of different treatments. However, the province of Alberta does not have such a fee guide, and dentists are able to set their own prices. The reason the fee guide stopped being published was to promote more competition among dental practices and a wider range of prices. In Calgary, dental care fees may vary between different dentists.

How are the prices of different treatments during my dental visit calculated?

The cost of a Calgary dental care visit depends on the specific treatments which are administered during the appointments. Some treatments are calculated as a single rate, such as X-rays. Other procedures are billed in “units of time”. Units are usually fifteen minutes in length. Other treatments, including those that may require special appliances, which take into consideration the cost of materials, time of treatments, and potential lab fees associated with them.

What will my dentist bill me for? Will I know in advance?

A good dentist bill only for services provided--if a service is not provided and is billed for, you should definitely follow up. It could be simply an error or on rare occasions an incidence of fraud. Your dentist should also be able to provide you with a cost estimate for your treatment plan before beginning any dental care procedures.

I have extensive coverage through my insurance plan, but my dentist did not provide all of the treatments covered by my plan. How will this affect my oral health?

Your dentist might forgo a treatment covered by your insurance package simply because it is not the right option for you. Dentists and dental hygienists perform only services that are necessary and contribute to the health of the patient, rather than simply because there are insurance funds available (in the same way your doctor would not recommend a treatment simply because a provincial health plan insurance covers it!).

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To learn more about dental care and maximizing your dental health, read our FAQ list or visit our blog to find out more general information about dental care. Should you need more information, or to book an appointment, you can contact us by phone at 403-248-2066 or online.

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