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Everything You Need To Know About Dental Scaling

Everything You Need To Know About Dental Scaling

Dental scaling is routinely performed to help patients suffering from periodontal disease (gum disease) and excessive plaque buildup. This treatment is performed by your dentist during a deep teeth cleaning appointment. The treatment targets more in-depth areas of your gums and teeth that are not as closely addressed during a regular dental cleaning. The treatment is performed to help put a stop to the harmful effects caused by periodontal disease and to improve your oral health to prevent future problems from reoccurring. 

What Is Dental Scaling Used For?

Dental scaling is a common procedure performed on patients suffering from gum disease. Gum disease occurs when the bacteria in your plaque causes your gums to become inflamed due to poor dental hygiene practices. When your gums are inflamed, they slowly start to pull away from your teeth creating little pockets of space that allow more plaque and bacteria to creep in. The plaque then gets trapped in these pockets and cannot be removed with regular brushing techniques. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth decay and bone loss. 

How Is Dental Scaling Performed?

Dental scaling involves carefully removing plaque buildup on the surface of your teeth as well as in the pockets below your gum line. Your dentist may or may not use a local anesthetic to lessen the discomfort depending on the severity of your condition. There are two ways your dentist can remove the plaque buildup:

  1. Your dentist can scrape away the plaque with a handheld instrument called a curettage. Your dentist will insert this small tool below your gum lines to carefully scrape away the plaque your toothbrush cannot reach. 
  2. There is an ultrasonic instrument that your dentist may also use to scale your teeth. The instrument features a metal, vibrating tip with cool water spray to chip plaque away while the water flushes out the pocket. 

What Is The Dental Scaling Process Like?

Dental scaling can be an uncomfortable procedure. Your dentist may administer a local anesthetic to help reduce pain and discomfort. Speak to your dentist about their dental scaling process and what their desensitizing process is if you are concerned about pain during the procedure. Dental scaling can also take several visits depending on how severe your condition is. Most dentists will perform dental scaling on certain sections of your mouth over the course of several appointments. If your gum pockets continue to deepen, your dentist may suggest alternative treatment options. 

Calgary Dental Exams And Dental Scaling

Keeping up with dental hygiene practices at home and visiting your dentist regularly is the optimal way to reduce the risk of developing gum disease or keeping it from becoming more serious and reoccurring. Dental scaling is a common treatment for individuals suffering from gum disease and can help battle unseen plaque to maintain a cleaner, healthier mouth. 

Marlborough Dental Centre is proud to provide NE Calgary with high-quality, affordable dental care. If you are overdue for a dental exam, teeth cleaning, need to brighten up your smile,  or wish to know more about our dental scaling procedure, contact us to schedule your appointment today by calling 403-248-2066 or fill in our online contact form.


Q: How long is a dental scaling procedure?
A: The length of your appointment will depend on the severity of your condition as well as if your dentist will perform the dental scaling on your entire mouth in one appointment or in sections over the course of several appointments. Typically, if your dentist were to perform the scaling procedure on your entire mouth in one appointment, it will take 1-2 hours to complete. 

Q: Does dental scaling hurt?
A: Dental scaling can be an uncomfortable procedure. However, your dentist may use a local anesthetic to help ease pain and discomfort. 

Q:  How long is the recovery from dental scaling?
A: Most patients report feeling discomfort and slight pain for the first couple of days following the procedure. You may also experience sensitivity for up to a week as your gums heal. 

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