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Debunking Myths Surrounding Root Canals

Many people in Calgary hear the term root canal and they immediately cringe.  Root canal procedures certainly have developed a bad reputation over the years, but is that reputation deserved?  Going for a root canal is not the same as going to Disneyland for the day, they’re not all that bad either.  NE Calgary’s Marlborough Dental Centre feels that their patients should be fully educated on all procedures that they require.  It’s time to debunk the myths surrounding root canals.

Myth 1) Root Canals Hurt.

We need to adjust our idea of root canal treatments starting with the concept of pain.  Root canals do not cause pain, they alleviate pain.  Especially considering the all the advancements in dental care and medicine, the procedure is comparable to having a tooth filling done.  Actually, a study recently released showed that people who have undergone root canals are six times more likely to refer to root canals as “pain-free” than people who have never even experienced one.

Myth 2) Root Canal Therapy Causes Other Illnesses.

Who knows where rumors develop or why, but this is another prime example of one.  There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this claim.  Having root canal therapy in Calgary or in any developed part of the world, is safe and effective.  Root canals are used to preserve your natural teeth and eliminate infections that could compromise them. 

Myth 3) Tooth Extractions Negate the Need for Root Canals.

If at all possible, you want to protect and maintain your natural teeth and therefore tooth extractions should be viewed as a last resort.  Tooth extractions can be quite shocking to your mouth and increase the opportunity for bacteria to travel throughout your body.  Having a root canal performed is easier and less invasive than tooth extractions.  Always ask your Calgary dentist if you can receive a root canal instead of the extraction.

We all require personal maintenance to ensure we’re in good health.  Whether you need a cavity filling, root canal therapy or emergency dental care in Calgary, knowing all the procedural facts upfront will better prepare you for the treatment.  If you have any questions concerning root canals or any type of dental treatment, call Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary today at 403.248.2066.

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