Crooked, Chipped or Broken Teeth? Cosmetic Dentistry Might be Right for You
by Dr. Michael Popp on Oct 23, 2015
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Everyone wants to look their best, especially right before the holidays. However, this can be difficult for individuals with crooked, chipped or broken teeth. Luckily Dr. Michael Popp and the rest of the team at Marlborough Dental are here to help, offering a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to help return radiance to your smile.

  1. Tooth Reshaping
    Tooth reshaping can be used to correct small chips or alter the length, shape or position of teeth and to make all teeth uniformly sized. This is achieved by removing some of the enamel from the tooth. This offers a very quick fix, and is often used in conjunction with tooth bonding.

  2. Tooth Bonding
    Tooth bonding is a process in which enamel like dental composite is applied to the surface of the tooth and then sculpted or shaped as necessary. It can be used to repair minor chips. If a tooth is badly stained below the surface your dentist may remove some of the enamel, bleach the stain and then rebuild the enamel using dental composite.

  3. Veneers
    Veneers are ultra thin, custom made porcelain laminates which are bonded directly to the teeth. They can be used to cover minor gaps in teeth, improve tooth shape or improve the colour of teeth that are not responding to teeth whitening treatments.

You don’t have to live with the embarrassment associated with cracked, chipped or broken teeth. Advances in modern cosmetic dentistry mean that anyone can regain and reclaim their radiant smile. And that is something worth smiling about.

For more information about any of these treatments, or to see if cosmetic dentistry is right for you call Marlborough Dental today at 403.248.2066 to book your consultation appointment and visit marlboroughdentalcentre.com today for more information.


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