Cavities are Scary: Keeping Your Childs Teeth Healthy This Halloween
by Dr. Michael Popp on Oct 9, 2015
Categorized under Pediatric Dentistry

Halloween is nearly here and soon children across Canada will don their costumes and go out in search of candy. To help your children keep their teeth healthy here are some dentist approved Halloween tips.

  1. Avoid Sticky Candy
    Sticky candies like gummy bears, taffy and caramels because these foods tend to stick to teeth. This makes it harder for saliva to wash them away, and leaving them on your teeth exposes your teeth to sugar, potentially causing cavities. These sticky treats also tend to get stuck between teeth where it is harder to brush. If you do choose to eat sticky candy brush and floss right after to ensure your teeth are protected

  2. Avoid Hard Candy
    Not only can very hard candy damage your teeth if you chew on them, they also tend to cause cavities. This is because hard candies such as lollipops, gobstoppers and sticks of candy tend to sit in your mouth for a long time while you suck on them, increasing the likelihood you will experience tooth decay. If you do want to enjoy hard candies opt for smaller ones such as small lollipops and gobstoppers and break your sticks of candy into pieces. This reduces the time the candy spends in your mouth. Also, ensure you brush afterwards.

  3. Eat a Meal First
    It is always best to consume candy or other sugary foods either with meals or shortly after. This is because the act of eating increases saliva production. Increased saliva helps break down candy more quickly, limiting the amount of time it stays in your mouth and on your teeth.

  4. Choose Low Sugar or Sugar Free Treats
    You don’t have to completely forgo Halloween treats in order to keep your teeth healthy. Sugar free lollipops and hard candies, as well as dark chocolate and sugar free gum are excellent teeth-friendly options that are either devoid of sugar or very low in sugar. It is still good practice to brush your teeth when you are finished eating though, and visit the dentist at least once a year.

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