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Caution! These Foods Can Damage Your Teeth

Caution! These Foods Can Damage Your Teeth

A healthy smile is good for more than just looks. Your oral health affects your daily living, as it impacts the way you talk, eat, smile, and feel about yourself. Many people have heard that coffee stains your teeth and sugar causes cavities, but did you know that there are different foods that can have these same effects and that the type of sugary foods you eat can have different consequences for your teeth? If you want to keep your teeth in top quality shape and stay strong and healthy, avoid the foods listed below or follow the oral care directions with them.

Avoid These Foods To Keep Teeth Strong, Healthy, And Unstained

To avoid dental erosion, cavities, and staining, don’t overindulge in these foods:

  1. Sugar. Most people know that sugar is bad for your teeth, but did you know that the amount of time it spends on your teeth and the frequency it’s in your mouth makes a difference? Sugar that sticks to your teeth or that stays in your mouth, such as caramels or hard candies, are worse for your teeth since the saliva can’t wash away the sugar. Sugar makes your mouth an acidic environment for several hours after you consume it, so the frequency in which you eat sugar affects your tooth health. Instead of snacking on sweets between meals or throughout the day, try to limit them to after meals and go for sweet treats that dissolve quickly. Brushing your teeth after eating sugar, either refined or natural, will help you avoid tooth decay.
  2. Pop. Of course the sugar in pop is bad for teeth, but even sugar-free pop damages teeth because of how acidic it is. This acidity leads to increased cavities and dental erosion. Instead of pop, try drinking more water or unsweetened drinks and if you do continue to drink pop, don’t brush your teeth immediately after, since the acid will soften your teeth and make them more vulnerable to abrasion.
  3. Wine. Both white and red wine contain corrosive acid. Wine both stains teeth and weakens the enamel. In order to combat this, brush your teeth before drinking wine so that there is less plaque for the wine to stick to, and don’t brush your teeth until 30 minutes after drinking wine so that you do not brush the acid of the wine into your teeth.
  4. Pickles. Two key ingredients in the pickling process are vinegar and sugar. The vinegar is highly acidic and wears away at tooth enamel, while the sugar contributes to cavities.
  5. Crackers. Refined carbohydrates such as crackers have been linked to body inflammation, a primary cause of chronic diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis.
  6. Coffee and black tea. These beverages are notorious for staining teeth and wearing away tooth enamel. For those who take their coffee with sugar there is a higher risk of cavities, as well as for those who take their tea with honey.

Take Care Of Your Dental Hygiene at Marlborough Dental in NE Calgary

It’s difficult to avoid these foods all of the time, so try to consume them in moderation or with your meals, as the saliva generated from eating a full meal can help wash away sugars and acids. Remember that taking care of your teeth now means a longer lasting smile and less dental work in your future. Just because you don’t see any immediate effects from consuming these foods doesn’t mean your teeth aren’t being damaged. If you want to learn more about how to care for your teeth or if you want to schedule a check-up with a high quality Calgary based dental service, call Marlborough Dental in NE Calgary at 1-403-248-2066 or fill out our contact form. Take control of your dental hygiene with the help of our experienced dental hygienists and dentists.


Q: Are there any replacements for sweets that are better for my dental hygiene?
A: If you still want the satisfaction of sugar without damaging your teeth, try chewing sugarfree gum. Chewing gum promotes saliva production and many sugar free gums are sweetened with Xylitol, which stops plaque from sticking to your teeth and prevents tooth decay.

Q: If I’m trying to avoid these foods for my dental hygiene, what foods can I eat instead?
A: Try eating fruits and vegetables with a higher water content, such as pears and melons. The high water content helps the sugar get rinsed out of your mouth by naturally produced saliva. Low sugar, high calcium foods are good for dental health, such as almond milk and broccoli. And of course, always drink water. It clears out your mouth and it’s great for your overall health

Q: If my teeth are already stained or weakened, what can I do about it?
A: For stained teeth, Marlborough Dental in Calgary offers teeth whitening. To help strengthen teeth, brush using a fluoride toothpaste and try to get more calcium and vitamins. For more personalized dental hygiene instructions, speak with one of our dentists.

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