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Calgary Dentist Tips: The Right Way to Floss

Who absolutely loves flossing their teeth? Chances are, you didn’t raise your hand. We’re all told from the time we’re little kids that flossing is key to having a healthy mouth with fresh breath, and nothing could be more true. That’s because dental floss gets food particles and bacteria out from between your teeth, where it can cause gum infections, tooth decay and cavities. Flossing should be done every day to make sure plaque doesn’t build up – that’s the sticky or hard yellow stuff on our teeth, mainly near the gums – where bacteria can grow. Since we all know that flossing is important, we should know how to properly floss our teeth. It’s not a difficult process, but there is a particular way to do it. If you’re going to floss (and you should!), floss correctly!


Here are the basics:

1. Wrap floss around your middle and first fingers on one hand, leave a space in the middle, and do the same with your other hand.

2. Pull the floss down between two teeth. Some people start in the middle, others start in the back of their mouth on one side. The choice is yours.

3. Slide the floss back and forth, getting it in the space where the gum meets the tooth. Make it into a C shape to partially wrap it around the tooth. Don’t push down too hard, but you should get the floss below height of the gum.

4. Now move the floss up and down a few times, from the base of the tooth to the top, to clean the entire side.

5. Floss both sides of every tooth. Don’t forget to get the back side of the teeth in the very back of your mouth!

Another great source of information on all things dental is the Canadian Dental Association: where you can find information about brushing, flossing, dental care for kids and more. We also recommend regular visits to your dentist. The team at our NE Calgary dental clinic is always happy to answer your questions about how to properly care for your mouth, book you in for a cleaning, or schedule a full oral exam to make sure your mouth is in top shape. Call us today so we can help you keep your teeth shiny, fresh and healthy, at 403-248-2066.

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