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Best Dentist in Calgary: Marlborough Dental Centre Wins Consumer Choice Award

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The best patients make for the best dentists! And the Consumer Choice Award has given the award for the Best Dentists in Calgary to Marlborough Dental Centre. The highly trained and experienced dentists at Marlborough Dental Centre perform various aspects of general dentistry at their state-of-the-art clinic in NE Calgary. Read the blog below for more information on the Consumer Choice Award for best dentists.

How It Works

The Consumer Choice Award (CCA) has a mandate to discover companies that excel in their discipline and then award them with recognition. The CCA conducts consumer research by way of in-depth surveys and asks communities to name top businesses in different categories, like best dentist in Calgary. The results of the survey are then used to form a list of the top companies in specific categories and in this case, Best Dentists. The top of the class is determined by way of public vote and Marlborough Dental Centre was awarded the distinguished honour of Best Dentists! To ensure accuracy, the CCA’s research has a strict methodology, one that includes repeating the process with differing formats, which eliminates any biases.

Top Choice

Talent rises and Marlborough Dental has risen to the top in all areas of dentistry, from routine teeth cleaning to cosmetic dentistry. The best dentists in Calgary excel in friendly service and accommodate all types of patients by making the experience in the dental chair relaxing. With cosmetic dentistry becoming increasingly popular with Calgarians, Dr. Michael Popp and his staff are constantly on top of advancements in this specific area of dentistry. Their capabilities in cosmetic dentistry include: teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and altering shape size of teeth. Dr. Michael strongly believes in comprehensive consultations where a full plan is drawn up for all dental issues, which ensures that patients have a full understanding of the procedure and can expect the best results. The staff at Marlborough Dental Centre is well versed with all aspects of dental insurance and can easily answer any queries regarding a patient’s dental coverage.

Score one for the good guys as Dr. Michael Popp and his staff at Marlborough Dental Centre continue to exceed the highest standards of dentistry. Oral examinations? Check. Pediatric dentistry? Check. Cosmetic dentistry? Check. Teeth extraction? Check. Root canals? Check. There is no dental issue that the team at the Marlborough Dental Centre can’t perform and Dr. Michael Popp and his staff at the Marlborough Dental Centre are planning on retaining their Top Dentists honour in Calgary by continuing to excel in all aspects of dentistry.

For more information on oral examinations, teeth cleaning or any dental procedure, contact Dr. Michael Popp at Marlborough Dental Centre in NE Calgary today on (403) 248-2066.

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