A Patients Guide to Wisdom Teeth Extraction
by Dr. Michael Popp on Sep 18, 2015

Though some patients are lucky enough to not be bothered by their Wisdom teeth, others are less fortunate. Wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding, teeth misalignment and issues with bite, not to mention a significant amount of discomfort. Here at Marlborough Dental, we are fully equipped to handle all your dental needs including extraction of Wisdom teeth. Before you get your Wisdom teeth removed, here is a guide explaining everything you need to know about Wisdom Teeth.

What are Wisdom teeth?

Your Wisdom teeth refer to the four molars that are located at the very back of your mouth, and they usually emerge around the age of 20. They are called Wisdom teeth because they emerge so late, at the beginning of adulthood when you are considered “wiser” than you were when your adult teeth came in.

Why do I need to have my Wisdom teeth removed?

While some individuals have enough room to accommodate four new teeth, many do not.  Wisdom teeth were originally useful, allowing for our ancestors to better chew their food. However, they also had larger jaws than we did, something we have lost because our food has become softer and easier to chew due to advancements in food processing techniques. As such, our smaller jaws are usually unable to accommodate Wisdom teeth, which then push and crowd the other teeth in your mouth, causing misalignment, overcrowding and severe discomfort. To relieve these symptoms the Wisdom teeth need to be removed.

How much will the procedure hurt?

During the actual procedure you will experience very little pain, as a local anesthetic will be administered to your jaw area before the teeth will be extracted. After the procedure, once the anesthetic has worn off, you will experience some discomfort and likely some swelling for a few days. To help your mouth heal and avoid irritating the tooth extraction site you should stick to soft food such as pudding, mashed potatoes and jello. You should also consume lots of water after surgery in order to properly rehydrate yourself. Avoid using a straw and sip directly from the glass as the sucking motion will irritate the tooth extraction sites and can cause bleeding.

To book your Wisdom tooth extraction call 403.248.2066 and visit marlboroughdentalcentre.com today.


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