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8 Steps to a Regular Dental Cleaning

Do you often neglect your regular teeth cleaning appointment with your Calgary dentist? Here are the dangers of doing so, and how regular dental cleanings can make your visits to the dentist more affordable, while protecting your oral and overall health.

Many individuals neglect the need for dental cleanings, whether it’s in a misguided effort to make a visit to their Calgary dentist more affordable, or because of a busy daily schedule. However, professional teeth cleanings are one of the best ways to: 

  • Prevent and treat periodontal disease
  • Maintain optimal tooth health
  • Cultivate a bright, white smile
  • Avoid dental emergency care

Affordable and Quality NW Calgary Dentistry Services for the Whole Family 

At our Calgary dental clinic, our team of qualified dentists and dental hygienists offer affordable and comprehensive oral healthcare services, including teeth cleanings, dental emergency care, sedation dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, Invisalign, and more, to protect your oral and overall health. 

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8 Things That Happen During a Comprehensive Dental Cleaning 

One of the best ways to prevent oral health pitfalls is to practice early prevention methods, such as visiting your dentist for regular teeth cleanings. A typical dental cleaning takes between 30-60 minutes and is performed while you are lying down in a dental chair. 

During this treatment, your dentist will offer a variety of services to ensure your teeth and gums are — and stay — at their very best. Typically, cleanings will include: 

  1. Tartar Removal: Even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly at home, tartar will accumulate on your teeth in hard to reach places. This can only be removed with ultrasonic treatments and fine hand tools used by a dentist or hygienist. 

  2. Teeth Polishing: To return your teeth to their original smoothness and shine, your dental cleaning will include a polishing. 

  3. Periodontal Health Evaluation: At each cleaning, your dentist will check for any signs of gum disease or gingivitis by measuring the depth of your gum pockets, checking for bleeding sites, and assessing for bone loss using X-rays and/or observation. 

  4. Occlusion Check: Over time, your teeth may move and this can affect your bite, how you chew, and ultimately how you swallow. If your teeth shifting is severe and you have malocclusion, your dentist can recommend you to an orthodontist for further treatment.

  5. Oral Cancer Screening: An essential part of a dental cleaning is conducting an oral cancer examination. If your dentist detects this condition early on, you can get treatment as soon as possible. 

  6. Medical History Review: During your dental cleaning, your dentist will take the most current information regarding your health status. This is important because certain health conditions (and medications) can impact the health of your mouth. 

  7. Oral Hygiene Education: Your dentist will review and demonstrate the best practices of tooth brushing and flossing. They can also discuss your current lifestyle and nutrition habits to ensure you are doing whatever you can to achieve optimal oral health. 

  8. Recommendations for Treatment: Dental cleanings give your dentist a great opportunity to make recommendations for future or additional oral health care treatments that might be necessary based on their findings. 


Your Oral Health Will Impact Your Overall Well-Being 

It can be easy to see your mouth as disconnected from the rest of your body, but oral complications can cause disease — including dementia and heart disease — in other parts of your body. Dental cleanings can help lower your risk of: 

  • Oral cancer
  • Gum disease
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes

Visiting your dental hygienist regularly will help you protect your teeth and gums, while sustaining optimal physical health. In addition, teeth cleanings can get rid of stubborn stains, giving you a bright and beautiful smile. 

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