7 Signs Your Child Needs Braces
by Dr. Michael Popp on Aug 7, 2015
Categorized under Pediatric Dentistry

Obviously you can look at your child’s teeth and likely determine whether or not their smile is going to need to help, but often times children with seemingly straight teeth require the most dental work because their issues are hidden.

Other than appearance, here are some other signs that your child may need braces:

  • Loss of Baby Teeth at Irregular Intervals – If your child is losing baby teeth really early or really late, it could indicate that braces are needed.
  • Jaw Issues – If your child’s jaw makes popping noises and moves around on them, braces may be in their future.  Ask them about accidental bites on their cheeks and roof of their mouths – this can be a sign that dental work is needed.
  • Trouble Chewing – Teeth may not be working properly due to crowding or abnormal growth or there’s difficulty caused by jaws being out of line.  Improper chewing can lead to digestive problems too so you’ll want to investigate that asap.  
  • Overbites & Underbites – Sure, they’re cute when they’re little, but not so much when they’re adults.  You could end up with a 40 year old with an under bite in your basement if you don’t act quickly!
  • Issues With Speech – Problems with pronunciation or even a lisp can signify braces are in their future as well.  Again, it’s really cute when they’re young but can hold them back when they’re older.  
  • Trouble Closing Their Lips & Breathing Through Their Mouths can indicate jaw issues and should be evaluated by your orthodontist.  Besides, you don’t want them catching bugs in their mouth, do you? ;)
  • Grinding & Clenching Teeth – This happens a lot at night and usually you can hear it.  It makes a rather loud, squeaky noise, kind of like a mouse.  If your child complains of fatigued jaws or frequent headaches, you may want to call your orthodontist for a check up.   


In the U.S., approximately 4 million people are wearing braces today.  There’s a good chance that your kid may add to that number some day.  Bringing your child in for regular dental check-ups will help you and your dentist keep track of changes in their mouth so you know when to take action.

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