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6 Ways You Can Help Your Child Be Comfortable At The Dentist

Getting your child to be at ease at the dental clinic is much easier said than done. However, it is important that your child feels comfortable with their dentist so that they can get the most out of their appointments and practice good oral health. Here are 6 tips for getting your child more relaxed while at the dentist.

For many parents, teaching their children the importance of good oral habits can be quite challenging. However, it is crucial that your kids learn good dental hygiene early on so that they are set up for strong, long term oral health. Instilling good dental habits in your child early on has many benefits such as:

  • Reduced likelihood for emergency dental work
  • Prevention of gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis
  • Development of a bright, pleasant smile
  • Enhanced overall health

One of the most critical aspects of teaching good oral habits is having your child become used to dental checkups and cleanings. Unfortunately, many children struggle to relax at the dentist's, which can lead to suboptimal oral health. To help parents struggling with getting their child used to the dentist, we have come up with 6 ways to help them feel more comfortable at the dental clinic. 

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6 Ways You Can Help Your Child Be Comfortable At The Dentist

1. Start Their Dental Visits Early

As important as this is for their oral health, it is just as important for their comfort. A natural response to being in an unfamiliar setting is to feel anxious and uncomfortable. The more familiar a person is with their surroundings, the more comfortable and less anxious they will feel. Most dentists recommend that you start your child off with dentist appointments at around six months old. The sooner you begin the dental appointments, the sooner your child will feel comfortable.


2. Keep It Simple

The more you talk about the intimate details of the dentist's office, the more your child will ask questions and feel greater anxiety. When discussing dental appointments, try and keep it simple and straightforward. Making dental appointments seem like a normal part of life's routine will go a long way in easing your child's worries. On the other hand, setting your child up to be prepared for the uncomfortableness of the dentist will have them focus on that aspect even more.

3. Take Them On Their Own Time

You may be tempted to schedule your child's appointment at the same time as your dental checkup. However, experts say that this is not recommended. Taking your child for their own appointment can have several benefits. Your child will feel more like a grown-up, they will not be left alone for any period of time, and they won't witness and emulate any stress that you may be feeling for your appointment.

4. Stay in the Room With Them

Your child trusts you. Just think about how quickly children panic if they lose sight of their parents in a busy mall or grocery store. Just being there beside them is enough to settle much of your child's fear and allow them to relax.

Additionally, it can help to just keep talking. Speaking with your child, your dentist, or even just reading out what you are scrolling through your phone, is enough to alleviate plenty of your child's angst.

5. Lead by Example

Young children are like sponges and often imitate their parents. Their habits, emotional cues, and characteristics are based on how their parents carry themselves. To reduce their anxiety, you need to lead by example. If you are nervous about the dentist, your child will pick up on your nerves and feel the same way. If you are calm and confident, your child will pick up on that and act the same way. No matter how you truly feel about the dentist, it is imperative that you act fearless and self-assured for your child.

6. Avoid Bribes and Empty Promises

While it may be tempting to provide an overt amount of emotional comfort, it is important not to over-promise on anything. If you promise something about the dentist's office that doesn't deliver, your child may begin to feel less trust in you, in addition to less comfortable with the dentist.

Similarly, using bribes to convince your child to go to the dentist will frame these visits in a negative light. In actuality, visiting the dentist is a good thing because it keeps your child's teeth clean, white, and healthy. 


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